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Light Up Halloween Night With These $5 Neon Lights From Target

Target is the place for many things. They have cute clothes, cute accessories, yummy food, and the cutest home decor and homeware.

This year, they're absolutely killing it in the Halloween department, and these cute neon lights are no exception.

How cute are these small Halloween-themed trendy neon lights?

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These are perfect for people who love that retro look that neon lights bring to the table.

And you can literally put these on ALL the tables!

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They're only $5, too, so it makes it super easy to dress up your house for the Halloween holidays.

They come in an orange pumpkin with a green stem, a purple witch hat with a yellow buckle.

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There's also a multi-colored bat and a cute piece of wrapped candy!

They will be right at the front of the store in the dollar section.

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What a great start to your Target stop!