Build-A-Bear Just Dropped A 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Collection

With the weather cooling, the leaves changing, and summer '19 destined to soon become a distant memory, it's about time we all focus on what really matters this time of the year — Halloween.

That's right folks, there's only a little over a month left until the big day arrives, and what better way to get you in the spooky spirit than to cuddle up to one of your very own Nightmare Before Christmas teddy bears!

Build-A-Bear has just released its new "Nightmare Before Christmas" collection, and let me just say these teddies are CUTE.


According to Romper, you can now build your own Jack Skellington or Sally bear to add to your Build-A-Bear collection. Or, if you're like me, you'll be using them as Halloween decorations because just look at them!

I've said it before and I'll say it again; every home needs a Jack Skellington teddy bear.

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Each teddy is totally unique to its respective 'Nightmare Before Christmas' character.


Jack's teddy, the pumpkin king himself, features his signature spooky pinstriped suit and bat bow tie. This bear also includes a song chip that plays the classic tune, "This is Halloween" from the film.

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The Sally teddy is equally unique and features her iconic patchwork dress and stitches.


Her song chip plays (what else?) "Sally's Song" from the musical. With just the press of a paw, you can groove along to your favorite Halloween tunes and snuggle this sweet little bear at the same time!

The bears retail for $29 each without the clothing and sound chips, or $53 and $55 as a bundle, depending on which one you want. They're currently only available online so I'd hurry up and order your spooky teddy now before the Halloween season to avoid missing out on these little cuties!

h/t: Romper

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