14+ People Who Mistook Normal People For Celebrities

Meeting celebrities in person is a real treat...if it happens, that is.

For these 14+ people who definitely need to get their eyes checked, they couldn't tell a Brad Pitt from another Joe Blow in the street.

Major Khaled lookalike alert. #BlessUp!

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Hopefully, this "Dj Kalled" can give this guy the keys to success. Number one, LEARN WHO YOU'RE TALKING TO.

This woman should have stayed "silent" in thinking she met Jay and Silent Bob.

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To be fair, it looks like these fellas were trying to impersonate Jay and Silent Bob.

Also, while we're on that topic, I'm pretty sure that beard was drawn on with a brown marker.

Will the real Hugh Jackman please stand up?


He may be able to do the Wolverine "claw," but that's where the resemblance to Hugh Jackman stops.

This Rihanna "lookalike" is one bad gyal for trying to impersonate the real RiRi.

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There may be a little girl on social media who looks just like the pop princess, but that's about it.

Ouu, this is awkward.

Sorry, bud, you're sorely mistaken! There was no meeting of his idol that night.

Maisie (the real one) was the one to set the record straight.

I believe alcohol was involved in the making of this photo.

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The real Johnny Depp must be mad that he missed out on that free hot dog.

Oh, how Bill Murray's career has fallen. Now he's middle-aged, balding, and working as a store manager.

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Does anyone know who the real Bill Murray even is?!

First, he was confused for Tom Hanks and now this. Sorry, Bill!

This girl was being such a Southern belle to not dash this guy's dreams.

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This looks more like Reese's daughter, Ava, if she decided to get an eyebrow piercing.

The real Taylor Swift is going to have some bad blood over this.

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Way to make her reputation even worse by basically saying she's easy to duplicate!

If this is Drake, then one of these girls must be Kiki, too.

Twitter | @GinoTheGhost

Look at "Drake's" face! So smug, so self-assured.

You can tell this guy lives for telling girls that he's Drake.

"True fan" takes on a whole new meaning with this pic.

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True fan? More like grab any guy in the street with red hair, a plaid shirt, and call him Ed Sheeran.

Hey, they got a free drink out of this "Peter Dinklage."

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We wonder if he made up some crazy, ridiculous Game of Thrones spoilers, like the show leaving a Starbucks cup in the show.

Oh wait...

Only some 24k magic can make us believe this is the real Bruno Mars.


Careful, girl, this is not the Bruno Mars that will catch a grenade for ya or step in front of a train for ya.

I mean, she did meet a celeb; just not the one she thought.

Facebook | Mark Walberg

This one just proves what a gem the real Mark Wahlberg is!

He ended up sharing this on his Facebook page with the words "close enough."

We guess anyone "goth" is automatically Marilyn Manson now.

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Also, are we sure this isn't a girl?

Aye, this girl needs to walk the plank before she tries to say this is Johnny Depp again.

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Jack Sparrow once said "my spirit will live on," but I don't think this is what he meant...

It's quite "childish" to assume this is Childish Gambino.

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Hey, at least he was nice about it.

This guy who thought he met Owen Wilson...

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We think the real Owen Wilson has better things to do than run marathons...

This Mike Tyson impersonator got these girls good.

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Forget the eye of the tiger; these girls have the eyes of a blind man.

Not only did he not meet Johnny Depp, but he also didn't meet Orlando Bloom.

Reddit | Derf13

This one's just a double whammy of disappointment.

Sorry to break it to you, sweetie. This ain't Usher.

Reddit | Brizin

U got it bad, alright.

That's not Tina Fey, Daddio.

Twitter | @emilyabdalla

And he made this mistake WITH his glasses on.

If that's Ed Sheeran, then we're Beyoncé.

Twitter | @jonnot

This girl should not have been "thinking out loud" in thinking this is the real Sheeran.

Close enough...for this girl who thought she met Lana Del Rey.

Twitter | @FederiKoRaivan

I mean, both Sarah Paulson and Lana Del Rey are celebs, so close enough.

This fan who can't pick out "Spider Man's" Tobey McGuire from another random in the street.

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This fan is caught in a web of his own confusion.

This was a homeless guy who convinced this fan he was George R. R. Martin.

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Oh, baby no. What is u doin' believing this man?

Did he sound like Morgan Freeman, too?

Twitter | @dorsettlouis

Talk about a legendary weekend for this uncle!

The restaurant even posted a picture of "Tom Cruise" on their wall.

Reddit | SuddenlyOutOfNoWhere

I'd go along with being Tom Cruise just to get free food, too.

This guy who thought he met Jake Gyllenhaal.

Reddit | sorentius

"3 years ago, happy drunk, I thought I met Jake Gyllenhaal… I'm now 90% sure I didn't," the Reddit user posted.

He may not be Andy Samberg, but he's got the face down.

Reddit | rhodesrugger

"Went to my local pub. Two cute girls insisted I was Andy Samberg. Kept taking selfies with me. Bartender took this best photo of me ever."

She looks so happy; let's just let her think she met Niall Horan...

Twitter | @marissastacy

Let's just say she got trolled hard on Twitter...