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10+ Times Sarah Hyland Had Absolutely No Time For The Haters In Her Life

We all know that Chrissy Teigen is the clapback queen, but Modern Family's Sarah Hyland definitely deserves some recognition.

Starting with these 10+ times that she had no time for the haters.

When she fired back at those who told her to "eat some bread."

Sarah ended up posting a video to Instagram stories where she told haters to take up their complaints to her now-fiancé, Wells Adams.

"So I would like to put in a request for anyone who is concerned about my bread consumption to send to Wells Adams, because he is the sole person who knows about how much bread I consume on a daily basis."

"Thanks! Love you, mean it, k bye."

When she shut down a troll who called her engagement posting "obnoxious."

"Most obnoxious engaged dip[expletive] award goes to you!” a troll commented on this video featuring the newly engaged couple.

Sarah didn't let the troll steal her joy. Instead, she delivered this hilariously sarcastic response:

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"Oh my god! I am going for the most obnoxious! How’d you know?”

When she delivered a seven-page clapback to a hater who shamed her for her naked selfie.

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"KEEP YOUR SEXUAL LIFE PRIVATE," a user messaged her about this picture.

Hyland ended up clapping TF back at the troll with a SEVEN-PAGE clapback.

So iconic.

Tons of fans were on her side, applauding her for the move.

"Hashtag free the nipple all the way, always and forever. You go girl," another person wrote.

When she lashed out at those who dared to call her "privileged."

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Fans had an issue with the actress calling out the drugstore CVS for making her wait so long for her medication (she had a kidney transplant in 2012 for her kidney dysplasia).

Sarah handled the situation by posting this video to Twitter.

"I would really, really appreciate it if you would all stop telling me to be an irresponsible, privileged millennial, because that is everything that I am not, so [expletive] you," she said.

When she defended herself against trolls who didn't get her joke about Spanx.

When Sarah posted this image and caption, not many fans got the joke.

"#funfact I’m wearing TWO pairs of spanx. Why diet? When you can just hide it!" she wrote.

They ended up writing all sorts of mean stuff in the comments, such as this:

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"Yeh I don't need to see this when I already feel [expletive] about my body," a commenter wrote on Instagram. "So thanks for that."

Mainly because they had forgotten that she had a kidney transplant and was using the Spanx to cover the bump from that, not extra weight.

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"When you have two kidney transplants and are on steroids for life get back to me," she later tweeted at the trolls.

Thankfully, someone on Twitter understood what she was going through.

"Someone gets it!!" Sarah replied.

When she took a break from social media after all the hate she got after her cousin's death.

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People were upset that Hyland only donated $1,000 to the family's Go Fund Me page, despite being a millionaire.

Her cousin was only 14.

Before leaving social media, she left a few heartbroken tweets.

When she came for those who said she was "too skinny."

Sarah truly can't win with the body-shamers; in their minds, she's either too skinny or too fat.

The comments on this got so bad that the actress had to edit her caption to deliver a gold star-worthy clapback.

"In response to the negative comments on this post? I’d like to say 3 things... 1.) [middle finger emoji] 2.) I looked amazing 3.) Even more importantly.. I FELT AMAZING and that’s all that matters," she wrote.

When she was "glasses-shamed" for trying to "look quirky."

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Can't we just let her live?!

Sarah ended up responding to the Twitter user's comment with a savage roast.

No one shames her and gets away with it!

Later, she had a bone to pick with people who wear fake glasses.

She tweeted: "Something I’ve thought for years but also something I’ve been noticing more recently. WHY DO PEOPLE WEAR FAKE GLASSES???"

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"'Fashion glasses' Like. We didn’t get bullied all throughout school for wearing glasses for you to NOW think they’re cool."

"If your vision’s good. IT’S GOOD."

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Go, Sarah!

In the end, it was a total win for Sarah as the article has been completely changed.

It even mentions that it was edited after a message from Sarah.

When she fiercely defended herself against plastic surgery rumors.

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Hyland went offff on an article that had actual doctors analyze her face to determine whether she had work done or not.

She ended up posting several follow-up tweets, explaining how heinous the article was since she had been having the "worst medical year" of her life.

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She also later poked fun at the publication.

Adams responded not in kind by telling them to "eat [expletive]."

Such a protective boyfriend!

When Sarah clapped back at fans in a supermodel's honor.

When Sarah posted this side-by-side of herself and Emily Ratajowkski, some people thought she was trying to compare herself to the model.

They even started picking apart how Emily looked, which was not the intention at all.

“I think it lost some fabric along the way," someone wrote, while another said, "Disagree, you looked classier."

All of the mean comments caused Sarah to edit her caption to clear the air.

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"I can’t believe I’m editing this. I’m NOT comparing. This is supposed to be a funny post. PLEASE do NOT say anything rude about “who looks better” It’s not even the same dress***” she wrote.

When she slammed the pervs commenting on Ariel Winter's photos.

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Sarah is still a big sis, even off-screen!

After Ariel posted this make-up free picture on Instagram, there were a lot of inappropriate comments from those pointing out her "braless" look.

From there, it was big sis to the rescue!

Hello Giggles

"To all the pervs commenting on this post?" Hyland wrote. "GET OFFLINE AND GET BACK TO YOUR BLOWUP DOLL YA CREEPS!"