Evel Knievel Is Getting A Miniseries And Milo Ventimiglia Will Play The Part

Milo Ventimiglia is known for two major things: Gilmore Girls and This is Us. But now, he will get the chance to be another iconic character.

Evel Knievel.

What an honor!

Milo is taking on the role of one of the most celebrated people in history!


Evel Knievel is known for his legendary jump in 1974, amongst a number of other stunts.

So whatever they show on the show will be incredible.

What's the series' synopsis?

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"A portrait of a complex man living the American Dream, juggling meteoric celebrity and raising a family - and the very real probability that his next jump will kill him."

USA Network and Syfy president Chris McCumber had this to say:


"The incredible life and journey of Evel Knievel lends itself to a dramatic retelling, and we are excited to be partnering with Milo, McG, UCP, Atlas and Wonderland to bring this iconic American tale to our viewers."

Are you excited to see how this plays out?

Or do you think this is a story that should simply remain in history?

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