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Snowman Gift Towers Keep Christmas Gifts Minimal And Fun

Christmas gifts can get out of hand, but it's honestly hard not to spoil your family and friends! Gift giving is so much fun.

As much fun as gift giving is, it can really add up in your bank account quickly. These snowman towers are such a great idea to keep Christmas gifts minimal, yet still super fun.

How fun are these snowman gift towers?

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They make opening gifts on Christmas morning so much more fun!

Not only are they super fun for kids to open, but they keep gifts minimal and special.

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It's so easy to want to give your family everything they want for Christmas, but not everyone has the means to do that.

I love the idea of using different printed wrapping paper for your snowmen.


And adding the stocking at the base of them make them look like they have feet!

You can really customize their height depending on the sizes of the gifts, and you could make a few at different heights.

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These snowman gift towers become Christmas decor pieces in and of themselves!

This is a great idea to try this Christmas.

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