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Mother Dolphin Jumps For Joy After Her Baby Is Freed From Net In Viral Video

Amy Pilkington 6 Sep 2019

Dolphins are incredible creatures. They're highly intelligent and super social. In particular, they're known for being doting parents.

A dolphin mom usually only has a single calf, who will nurse for as long as two years and stay with their mother in a close-knit unit for as long as seven years until a suitable mate is found.

Needless to say, mama dolphins and their calves are very attached to one another.

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This isn't the case for many species, which is probably why humans have always connected so strongly with dolphins.

Sure, we're probably projecting a lot of human feelings onto our understanding of them, but that's not always a bad thing.

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That's probably why this particular video went viral.

Facebook | Mario Polizzi via LADbible

We all feel like we can relate to a parent worrying about their child and the profound gratitude felt when strangers step in to help save them.

Filmed off the coast of Procida, Naples, the video shows a young dolphin that got itself tangled in the fishermen's net.

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They manage to free the calf, who does a few happy jumps in thanks.

Facebook | Mario Polizzi via LADbible

As it jumps, you can hear the people in the boat laugh and cheer.

But the calf wasn't the only one thankful for the rescue.

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The mother dolphin quickly joins her calf.

Facebook | Mario Polizzi via LADbible

Then she also begins to leap into the air, showing off how big a thank you a full-grown dolphin can give.

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Of course, many people noted that we can't be sure exactly why they were jumping.

They could have simply been communicating with each other. For example, the calf could have been telling Mom it was free.

Still, you can't argue with the sheer feeling of joy the video has.

To see the full video, check it out on LADbible

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