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9+ Husbands Who Took 'For Better And For Worst' Literally

There's always a reason we marry someone — usually because we love them. But, sometimes down the road in our marriage, we realize how dumb our husbands truly are.

This husband who hung his wife's mirror too high.

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His wife is 5'1'', he's 6'2''.

This selfish husband who only got a mattress pad for his side of the bed.

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Rude, rude, rude.

This husband who was sent to buy his daughter "nice clothes."


Ummmmm. Is it just me or does she look like the Tin Man from The Wizard Of Oz.

This husband who definitely didn't kill the spider.

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Oh, come on! Now his poor wife has to deal with it?

This husband who had ONE job.

Come on, man.

This horrible husband.

That's just gross.

This husband who wasted everyone's time.

Why? Just why?

This husband who thinks he's funny.

"2 Karat," not 2 carrots.

This husband who's damn lazy.

The hamper is literally right there.

This husband who was supposed to "hang the bananas."

Wow, okay lazy.

This husband who shrunk this sweater.

NOT dryer friendly.

This husband whose wife asked for an "apple watch."

So funny... not.

This husband who caused chaos in the store.

They had to come get her bag back down.

This husband who can't do dishes.

It's called measuring the soap, dude.

This husband who just sucks.


This husband who started marriage off on the right foot.

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Sigh. I hope his photography skills have improved since then.