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Adorable Curly Haired Cats Look Like They Got Perms

I have to be honest, I really don't know a lot about cats. I've owned one cat in my lifetime, and he was a stray — some sort of white and orange shorthaired cat.

If you're a cat lover, you'll certainly know more cat breeds than I do, but I bet you have yet to hear of the Selkirk Rex cat.

This curly-coated feline is called a Selkirk Rex cat.

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These cats are marked by their super thick curly coats that look like sheep's wool!

They look like they just got a fresh perm!

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They're definitely making the '80s hairdo cool again.

These cats must belong in Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, as they are the result of a natural genetic mutation back in 1987.

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The breeder, Jeri Newman, noticed that one cat found at an animal shelter had a curly coat, and so she bred her out of curiosity.

She found that the trait was quite strong, as the cat, Miss DePesto, had produced three curly-coated kittens out of the six she had birthed!

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So amazing.

Thus, the Selkirk Rex was born.

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Selkirk coming from Jeri's stepfather's name, and Rex meaning curly.

They were crossbred with an assortment of different breeds, so they all have their own unique markings, colors, and sizes.

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They are honestly super cute, and I bet they're the absolute cuddliest!

If you choose to own one, just be aware that you will have to comb them multiple times a day due to their dense, curly coat.

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But I bet it's so worth it to have one of these as your best furry friend!

Just look at this cutie!

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These cats are slowly turning me into a cat person. Slowly, I said.

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