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This Gin Advent Calendar Is The Only Way Gin Lovers Will Be Counting Down The Holidays

It might seem sinful or wrong to talk about the Christmas season just yet, but it's going to come up before we know it. Just think about how fast this summer went by!

If you know someone who loves gin, then this gin advent calendar is the perfect pre-Christmas gift to get the festivities going.

Gin was sort of a forgotten alcohol a few years ago.

Most people were all about flavored vodkas, rum, and whiskey it seems.

In recent years, gin has made a comeback, and it seems like even the most unsuspecting people in your life suddenly love gin.

Liam Curtin

There are chocolate lovers, there are candy lovers, but if you know someone who is neither of those and IS most certainly a gin lover, then this advent calendar from Drinks by the Dram is perfect.

They teamed up with That Boutique-y Gin Company to curate 24 sip-worthy gins for gin lovers to get excited about the holidays.

Master of Malt

Each dram is 30ml and filled with unique gins from independent distillers, featuring craft flavors like Cold-Brew Coffee, Smoked Rosemary, and Salt Marsh flavors.

You can choose between a 12- or 24-door version for only £29.95 ($30 USD) and £49.95 ($60) respectively.

To any of my family or friends reading this, do I really need to ask what I want for Christmas?

You can purchase the calendars online here!

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