Instagram | @cuteeee.sloths

These Smiling Baby Sloths Are Sure To Put A Giant Grin On Your Face Today

Sometimes, you just need to see some pictures of cute baby animals to give your day the boost it needs.

We're here with pictures of smiling baby sloths to bring some sunshine into your day.

Pardon me? How cute are baby sloths!

Instagram | @cuteeee.sloths

Sloths in general are already pretty cute, but just look at them as babies!

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They have the cutest little smiles on their fresh faces!

Instagram | @slothsappreciation

They look like they're just enjoying life to the fullest.

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This baby sloth inspires me to be THIS happy about vegetables.

Instagram | @doyouevensloth

What do you think they liked more: beans or carrots?

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Welp, I just C A N N O T even deal.

Instagram | @shae_everyday_88

Who is this petting this baby sloth? I'm jealous.

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