10+ Things Fans Didn't Know About 'Home Alone'

That's right folks, today we're talking about one of the most prolific Christmas movies of all time and all the things that you didn't know about it.

That's right, you.

Home Alone will forever remain as a beloved classic in the hearts of people, whether old or young. It's funny and action-packed! What more could you want?

1. We Wouldn't Have 'Home Alone' Without The Movie 'Uncle Buck'


John Hughes, the writer of both movies, got the idea while he was directing Macaulay Culkin in Uncle Buck.

There are even similar scenes in both movies, like when Macaulay Culkin talks to someone through a door.

2. Macaulay Culkin Was Kevin


From the beginning, even in the writing stage, this role was specifically made for him.

What other child stars at the time could've played the iconic Kevin? Probably none, and we're grateful that it went to him.

3. Macaulay Wasn't The Only Culkin


His younger brother, Kieran Culkin, landed a role as Fuller (you remember, that cousin of Kevin's who used to wet the bed).

And don't think he was a one-trick pony, either! This Culkin has been in all sorts of movies!

Keiran has been in stuff like 'The Cider House Rules', 'Igby Goes Down', and that little darling movie 'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World'.


He also received a Golden Globe nomination for Succession.

4. Lessons Were Learned By Hughes


Specifically one lesson: That if you work with a kid, you work with their family as well.

He didn't know all that much about family when he first started the project. But when you work with one as messed up as Macaulay's, you learn quick.

5. This Movie Has Broken Records


Sure, you can talk all you want about Avengers: Endgame and Avatar, but this movie was the O.G. record-breaker.

It debuted at the top of the box office (making $17,081,997) and stayed there for 12 weeks!

So what eventually got this movie into the hallowed halls of Guinness?


It stayed at the top spot for full 12 weeks and went on to become the highest-grossing live-action comedy domestically.

6. There Is A Whole 'Home Alone' Franchise


Maybe you know about the sequel. Heck, maybe you were unfortunate enough to watch Home Alone 3 and 4.

But did you know it has three video games and a litany of other properties?

7. The Script Was Written Quick


Nine days was all it took for John Landis to come up with the script.

It was after he had gone on a trip to Europe with his family and asked himself the question: what if one kid had been left behind?

8. Sure, The Part Was Written For Macaulay Culkin...


But John Landis wanted to be very sure before he was cast.

He auditioned over 200 kids before giving up and finally giving Macaulay Culkin an audition. Needless to say, the kid absolutely nailed it.

9. Harry Lime Wasn't Always Joe Pesci


Sure, Kevin was always Macaulay Culkin, but a couple of other actors had to turn down the role of Harry Lime before Joe Pesci landed the role. Who, you ask?

Little known guys called Robert De Niro and Jon Lovitz.

10. Joe Pesci's Potty Mouth


The thing about Joe Pesci was, at that time, the guy wasn't used to starring in family-friendly movies.

So, on set, you could often find him cursing around everyone, which wasn't really good for the vibe.

11. John Candy's Part


His entire part in the movie was shot in 23 hours.

And yes, all in one shot. Nothing was spaced out for him. He started at 7 AM one day and finished at 6 AM the next.

12. John Candy Improv


Not only did John Candy do his part in 23 quick little hours, but he improvised all of his lines.

Seriously speaking, this is what separates the great actors from the actors who try too hard.

13. Old Man Marley Was Added In


When the first script was finished, Old Man Marley was barely an afterthought.

They added him so he could add a Charles Dickens-y feel, just like the movie itself. It definitely ended up working out in their favor.

14. Angels With Filthy Souls


The movie in the movie, Angels With Filthy Souls, doesn't actually exist.

Director Chris Columbus shot it with a real-life actor, Ralph Foody, for Kevin to watch and eventually use as a deterrent.

15. Pesci Actually Bit Culkin


It was during that scene where, well, Harry tries to bite off Kevin's finger.

They were rehearsing and I guess that loveable rascal Joe Pesci got some Goodfellas flashbacks and decided to get all violent.

16. More Improv


Two lines stand out to people that were actually improvised:

The first is when Marv asks Harry: "Why are you dressed like a chicken?"

The second is when Kevin askes the robbers: “You guys give up, or are you thirsty for more?”

17. The Movie's Title Has Become A Verb


Since the film's release and massive success, screenwriter William Goldman came up with the term "Home Aloned."

It's when another film suffers (or suffered) due to Home Alone's long time in theaters.

18. Poland Loves 'Home Alone'


Poland loves a lot of things. They love kopytka, they love hipster artisan beer, and of course, like the rest of the world, they absolutely adore the antics of little Kevin McCallister.

But these guys take it to a whole other level.


It's apparently a big Christmas tradition down there to watch Home Alone! In fact, in 2011, 5 million people tuned in to watch it on TV.

That was 13% of the population of Poland!

19. The McCallister Home


Of course, since the movie has become somewhat of a Christmas Classic, the house that the McCallisters called home has become a huge tourist attraction.

If you want to see it, go to 671 Lincoln Avenue in Winnetka, Illinois.

20. But Keep This In Mind:


There were a couple of rooms that weren't actually in the house and were instead filmed on a soundstage.

These include the dining room and all the other first floor rooms as well.

21. Oh, and Kevin's Treehouse?


If you were hoping to zipline over to the treehouse while you escape from bumbling robbers, you're out of luck.

The treehouse was built for filming and demolished when the film wrapped.

22. Joe Pesci Was A Method Actor On Set


The actor did everything he could to avoid the young Culkin on set.

Why? So the young man would be scared of him when they eventually met on the screen. That's way better than scaring the life out of him!

23. Daniel Stern Cursed As Well


Just like Pesci (who apparently wasn't ready to be working with kids) his partner in literal crime also had some trouble turning the filter on for this family-friendly film.

And here's the wacky part... he actually had a swear end up in the film!


There's a moment when he's trying to get his shoe from the doggy door (55:27 on the DVD, you're welcome) where he says the s-word.

24. The Wet Bandits Should Be Dead


We have suspected this for a while now, but a doctor actually diagnosed some of the injuries the bandits sustained during their attack on Kevin's house.

Dr. St. Clair actually describes it in detail.

Here are just some quotes from the good doctor about the injuries:


“The skin and bone tissue on Harry's skull will be so damaged and rotted that his skull bone is essentially dying and will likely require a transplant.”


The iron would have lead to a "blowout fracture" that would cause “serious disfigurement and debilitating double vision if not repaired properly.”

25. It Was A Real Tarantula


You might not believe this, but it's true! A real spider had to actually go on Daniel Stern's face.

He actually had to mime the scream he did so he wouldn't scare the spider.

26. Marv was supposed to have a spinoff.


In 1995 the film Bushwhacked was supposed to be a Home Alone spinoff.

In the film, Marv has given up a life of crime and is working as a deliveryman before he gets framed for murder.

27. The Elvis Conspiracy

There's a conspiracy theory going around that not only is Elvis still alive, but he's in the background of one Home Alone scene.

Psh, next you'll be telling me he's fighting mummies in a retirement home.