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15+ People Who Were Caught Red Handed

Whether we mean this literally or metaphorically, we've all been caught with our hand in the cookie jar at some point.

And it doesn't really matter whether our reaction is to laugh sheepishly, try to deny the obvious truth of what we're doing, run away, or just freeze with a stunned expression on our face like we've been caught by a dinosaur who won't see us if we don't move.

It's blatantly obvious that we can't explain away what we did, so the only remaining option is to curse our luck and accept the consequences.

But if the photos we're about to see prove anything, it's that at least we're not alone.

1. There's a good reason why texting and driving is illegal, so it should go with saying that FaceTiming while driving is an even worse idea.

Reddit | belfaj26

And yet, that's exactly what somebody caught this person doing as clear as day, so I guess nothing really goes without saying.

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2. Here we're faced with an interesting question: Is it better of worse to text while riding a horse?

Reddit | xSpartanJokerx

This guy's guilty expression when the Google Street view car caught him — how's that for bad luck, by the way? —seems to make a strong case that it's about as bad.

At least the horse is paying attention?

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3. Apparently, this couple didn't need to take selfies of their playground handiwork. It turns out they were already on camera.

Reddit | Yeeheeeeeeeee_

These two ended up getting arrested for vandalism and it's a pretty safe bet that this photo was Exhibit A.

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4. Not only did this person know exactly where to point their cameras, but they found a great way to reveal the culprit wasn't as slick as she thought.

Reddit | Y_Ampersand

Imagine finding out that your neighbor knows what you did through a Maury meme. This should make it clear that the extra fertilizer will not be needed, thanks.

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5. Not only did this airport near Johannesburg, South Africa get caught an an embarrassing position, but they accidentally revealed it to all of their passengers.

Reddit | ingbue88

That's right, it looks like even major international airports will get tempted to grab a pirated copy of Windows from time to time.

That's very polite error message, though. It's nice of them to give the benefit of the doubt.

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6. It's a little hard to tell, but we're looking at a cop bust the driver of this ice cream van.

Reddit | JanMichaelVincent69

Why? Apparently, they were trying to sell weed alongside their frozen treats.

Granted, that seems like an effective strategy to get people to buy more ice cream, but it comes at pretty clear cost.

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7. This may not be the biggest deal on this list, but nobody likes a litterbug.

Reddit | Ultimaurice

Yeah, in case the big red circle didn't give it away, the uploader caught this driver tossing a can out the window. Naughty, naughty.

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8. I'm not sure why somebody turned their porch pirate into a listing on the Facebook Marketplace, but he's definitely not explaining this away.

Reddit | KraljZ

Not only is that a very clear photo of the guy, but the ecurity camera even managed to take a pretty good action shot.

Just give them their stuff back, dude.

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9. "Just act natural and they'll never suspect a thing."

Reddit | beatsbyaaron

Apparently, this is actually what band directors encourage kids to do if they lose or break their instruments, but it never escapes the watchful eye of the dreaded red circle drawer.

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10. This is why parents often say they don't get worried until their kids get quiet.

Reddit | RedditMart

After all, it takes some serious concentration to work towards whatever brilliant idea will end up getting a whole room covered in...flour?

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11. It's a little hard to make out, but this girl's reaction to learning she was caught running a red light is priceless.

Reddit | TOtheProfessional

She was obviously surprised right as it was happening, so whoever set up the speed cameras didn't seem to be too worried about people seeing the flash.

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12. I can sympathize with this woman because I also usually have more of an audience than I realize when I start acting weird in a public place.

Reddit | WHiSPERRcs

Sure, my behavior tends to be more along the lines of "singing or carrying on full conversations with myself" than "fondling underwear ads," but we've all got our little ways.

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13. My favorite part about this person's attempt at a sneaky pic is how all of these girls reacted to it.

Reddit | awokenplatypus

Apparently, the not-so-stealthy shutterbug was so obvious that three quarters of them clocked the intentions behind this immediately.

Tsk tsk.

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14. This guy couldn't fit his truck in this space and made a bad situation worse by trying to pull this tree out.

Reddit | leonnit

All I know is that he better come back here with a sapling after pulling this stunt. It's not the tree's fault, man.

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15. If this guy wanted to show his displeasure for his neighbor's boat, he was cursed by getting exactly what he wanted.

Reddit | beachbeardad

Thanks to this security camera, we're now all aware that he thought peeing on it was a good idea. That's just wrong.

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16. Unless this is reverse psychology on their part, there was definitely someone merciless behind the camera.

Reddit | sailedmoon

Actually, I hope this is a joke because if I wanted to blend in somewhere, my go-to definitely wouldn't involve giant signs.

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17. It's unclear what exactly the driver of this truck did, but it's pretty safe to say that they didn't get away with it.

Reddit | MilkRiverBob

We've all messed up in life, but it takes some special dedication to doing the wrong thing when you get the cops mad enough to send four big vehicles after you.

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18. You can actually make a fun counting game out the number of things these guys were caught doing at once.

Reddit | data-stream

Not only did the driver put two of their friends in the back instead of tying the TV down, but they're also doing all of it with a broken taillight.

I wouldn't even want to see the ticket someone would get for this.

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19. Whoops, it looks like this woman's attempt to surreptitiously take a photo of Kanye West didn't go as planned.

Instagram | @kalesalad

Not only did he catch her in the act, but he doesn't look all that pleased with the situation either.

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20. Considering how large these printed texts are, I'm almost surprised that we can't read them.

Reddit | theothertoken

However, considering the main reason someone would bother going to these lengths to show their lover their own texts, it's not like we need to.

Looks like we've got us a cheater.

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