7+ Money-Saving Secrets For Shopping At Target

Target already has a ton of deals that no matter when you shop you're bound to find something discounted. But what if you could do one better? Did you know there are secrets out there that will help you get even more out of Target than you already are?

Check out these helpful tips for your next shopping trip to your favorite store.

1. Know When To Shop

Thirty Handmade Days

If you really want to maximize the savings find out from an employee at that particular location what their sale schedule is. It's worth it.

2. Look Out For The Clearance Stickers


All sale prices are clearly marked by the clearance stickers. The small number at the top tells you the actual percentage. So neat.

3. Get Price Adjustment


If an item you bought last week is on sale this week bring your receipt and they will adjust the price for up to two weeks.

4. Predict More Markdowns


Apparently, if an item ends in $.08 or $.06 the price will go down further. If it ends in $.04 that's probably the best you'll get.

5. Text Target For Coupons

Target will actually text you their coupons straight to your phone. Just text COUPONS to 827438 to see their deals of the day. Yippee!

6. Target Allows Coupon Mixing


Which means if you can find a manufacturer's coupon and Target coupon on the same item you're golden. Target allows you to use both.

7. Shop Target Brands To Save

Hip 2 Save

No need to always buy brand names. Target's own brands are very good quality and allow you to save a lot more money.

8. Get A Price Match Guarantee


If you find the same item on sale at,, they will give you the price difference in store. Good to know.

9. Download Discount Apps


You can use both Target's own app and Cartwheel to stack their coupons on top of other coupons. Both apps are free to download. Do it.

10. You Don't Need A Receipt To Return Stuff


Target can look up your info and still give you the refund or you can get a Target gift card for store credit. Awesome.

11. Discounts Are On The Edges


Most discounted items are placed on the edge of the isles. So no need to search inside the aisles for more sales.

12. Get A Rain Check


This is one of my favorite ways to shop. If a sale item is sold out I always ask for a rain check.

13. Get A REDCard Debit Card For 5% Off


No need to sign up for yet another credit card. Just sign up for Target's debit card and get the discount.

Wow, who knew there were so many more clever ways to shop at Target?

This is just amazing. I hope this saves you loads of cash on your next trip.