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Police Officer Hailed As Hero After Saving Baby's Life With CPR

Misty and Nicholas King of Scottsville, Kentucky think Sergeant James Talbott is a hero after saving the life of their 19-month-old baby, Aiden, by administering CPR after the child stopped breathing. And, after the Scottsville Police Department released body cam footage of the incident on Facebook, many others think Sgt. Talbott deserves recognition as well.

Misty and Nicholas had already lost a daughter in March, and when little Aiden went limp and unresponsive, they feared the worst.

Facebook | Scottsville Police Department

In a Facebook comment, Misty explained that she is trained in CPR "because Aiden has had issues since birth," but in that moment, she needed help: "I couldn't focus to do what I needed to do because the reality was it was my child and we had just lost a daughter in March."

So, she and Nicholas called 911.

When the police arrived, the situation was dire.

Facebook | Scottsville Police Department

With Deputy Brandon Lovett and Officer John Williams responding as well, Sgt. Talbott immediately started performing CPR. Both Lovett and Williams reported that the child was already cold and starting to turn blue at the time.

Body cam video caught the action as Sgt. Talbott worked on Aiden, eventually clearing his airway and getting a cough and a cry out of him.

Facebook | Scottsville Police Department

By the time EMS arrived, Aiden was breathing on his own again. He went to hospital for observation, but was released later in the evening. Misty credits Sgt. Talbott with the rescue.

"If he hadn't of responded and took over, I don't know what would have happened," she wrote. "This little man is a true blessing and a miracle. James Talbott you are a true hero."

Scottsville Police Department has recognized Sgt. Talbott's efforts as well.

Facebook | Scottsville Police Department

Noting that the whole department had just re-certified in CPR and first aid two weeks earlier, the department's official Facebook account posted about the incredible rescue.

"I feel without the first aid that Sgt Talbott administered 19 month old Aiden King may not have survived. The SPD has presented Sgt. Talbott a certificate of appreciation and he has been nominated to receive the SPD Lifesaving medal which will be presented at the SPD Awards Ceremony in May, 2020."

You can watch the body cam footage right here, but note that it's graphic.

h/t: CNN, WBKO