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17+ Clever People Who Are Going To Be Your Boss One Day

Paddy Clarke 26 Aug 2019

Some people are simply born innovators, put on this Earth to make us re-think the way we approach everything in our daily lives. There are two types of innovators that the internet is rife with: those who's genius contains a desire to better the efficiency of humanity as a whole, and those who simply encourage laziness.

Here are 17+ astoundingly clever cookies who you'll probably end up working for... either that or they'll be so efficiently lazy that they'll never have to leave the house.

1. Hoodie Snack Hack

Reddit | jigz2k3

People like this only come around once in a generation, truly we are blessed to share the Earth with a mind like this.

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2. Split-Screen

Reddit | Parisauce

Everyone had that friend who used to screenwatch, and this is a genius way around it... even if it is a little unfair on the person who has to sit on the floor.

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3. "Landlord decided to turn down the heat today in my MN apartment as it reached -40°."

Reddit | JohannReddit

"But the idiot must have forgotten he pays my electric and doesn't realize that I value my comfort over safety or energy conservation."

This is like one of those examples you see in fire safety pamphlets where you think, 'No one would really do that now would they?'

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4. The Diaper Defence

Reddit | spreading_my_love

It's certainly better than leaving your valuables in your shoe; although, it would be weird trying to explain why you had diapers with you if you had no baby... "It's for my phone I swear!"

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5. Leaning Sign of Pizza

Reddit | professorpoptart

However they are, the person who wrote out that sign is not getting paid anywhere near enough money.

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6. "About 2 minutes after realizing there was no bottle opener in my hotel room I discovered this gem and it works like a charm."

Reddit | AlbertDumblestein

Never underestimate the ability for someone with a beer that needs opening to turn instantly into MacGyver.

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7. "Hate stepping on Legos? I made a pair of lego socks so simply pick them up as you go, pain-free!"

Reddit | rightcoastguy

Personally I think this man should be nominated for a Nobel prize for this idea. I have no idea in what category but just give him one, this is what the people really need.

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8. "Local pool doesn’t allow alcohol, so I bring water"

Reddit | Amc724

You see! When it comes to drinking, people will put a lot more effort into figuring out creative solutions to everyday problems than they would at boring old work!

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9. New Balls Please

Reddit | Matt70655

You know what, the thought process here is flawless, it's just the execution that's a little bit off.

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10. "Reuse a Pringles can for other snacks that come in bags to avoid loud bag crinkling in the office."

Reddit | jchabotte

"Can you think of an example where you've shown initiative in the workplace Ms. Smith?'

" Well now you mention it..." *Reaches down for Pringles can.

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11. "My 10+yo dog likes to sleep on my legs. I made her this out of some of my old jeans for her to sleep on while I’m at work."

Reddit | DMLorance

This one is not only innovative, but it's adorable. I don't care what the job is, you're hired mystery dog-pant person.

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12. "My Girlfriend came up with a crazy good Microwave Lifehack for Multiple Plates! Heats up evenly!"

Reddit | TheTrollinator777

Aside from this being genius, I'm struggling with the fact that you're microwaving paper plates... is it just me that thinks that's weird? Oh, and no one's microwave is that clean in reality, or is that just me again?

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13. "Put a rubber band around the inside of the pockets of your shorts and never have to worry about your phone or keys on a run"

Reddit | Alec_ACBF

I have an alternate solution, you just stay in and binge watch another show on Netflix and then your keys and phone will be even safer... you're welcome.

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14. I Spy With My Googly Eyes, Something Beginning With E!

Reddit | OMEN786

Who needs a richter scale?

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15. "I don't have a meat tenderizer so I improvised"

Reddit | QueenAnneBoleynTudor

I'm sure this works fine; however, would you really want something that looks like an improvised medieval torture instrument hanging around in your kitchen?

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16. Are You Cereal?

Reddit | 9w_lf9

As far as laziness goes, this has got to be up there with some of the most lazy ideas of all time surely? Also, why not just pour it in the bag and eat it out of that instead?

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17. "Car AC broken? Just get some pvc pipes!"

Reddit | Pantelima

Genius! And, it's barely noticeable!

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18. "How to get your kid to take medicine"

Reddit | tht1d00d

The can isn't even opened! I mean, c'mon kid open your eyes and read the room, you're getting played!

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19. The Toilet Door Conundrum


Now that is thinking with portals!

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20. When The Bins Are Just Too Far Away...

Reddit | swagondemhoes

This is a great idea in theory; although, I imagine (based on my throwing ability) that I'd have to go down every time anyway to pick up the stuff I missed the bin with.

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21. Not The Back-Shaver We Deserved, But The One We Needed

Reddit | wickedlobstah

You may be thinking, 'That's just a razor stuck onto a back-scratcher!' And you'd be right, and that's exactly why it's genius.

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22. "Not got a coin for a supermarket trolley? Use a round headed key instead!"

Reddit | ReadyPlayer85

I think I'd be too worried about never getting my key back out, wouldn't the hole in the key make a difference? Still though, pretty innovative!

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23. "My friend made this to clean his bathroom tiles (and yes, he did use a newly bought, un-used brush)"

Reddit | DingoDamp

I'm very glad he's using this on his tiles, at first I was very concerned for the state of his stomach if he needed a power-drill toilet brush to get his toilet clean... and imagine the mess it would make.

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24. "Cut a leg off of a delivery pizza topper thingy to create a smartphone stand"

Reddit | GowBeyow

Finally there is a use for that damned little thing!

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25. "If you ever wanna sleep during class, do this"

Reddit | Kyle_sch

The principal is there, but I think you'd have better luck if you actually picked cut-outs of eyes that match the rest of your face.

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26. The Bucket-Filling Life Hack You Never Thought You Needed... And Probably Don't

Reddit | voy_conlag_mental

It is remarkable the amount of thought that has gone into something to menial, amazing stuff whoever you are, I look forward to working for you one day!

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27. Free Dog Walking Inc.

Reddit | OnHiatus11

A free dog walking industry may not be the best way to make money, but I'd sure work for them!

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28. Management Material

Reddit | javivicious

Okay, so it'd more likely be the person who designed that coat who would be your boss, but I'd be more happy with the dog being my boss personally.

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29. "When you don't have a cookie rack, but have skewers"

Reddit | tw272727

Anyone committed to the art of improving a cookie, no matter how small a difference it makes to the overall cookie experience, is alright in my book.

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30. Scream

Reddit | BigWoodyBoys

That's one way to get rid of the disturbing horror of this piece of art I guess.

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31. This may not be the only barbecue with a beer holder, but that feature never seemed more appropriate than it does right here.

Reddit | Teoarrk

Besides, this is probably the only time Bender would invite us to bite something that isn't shiny and metal.

We can't pass up that opportunity.

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32. You'd think the people behind these signs would run out of clever ways to warn us by now, but it doesn't look like it.

Reddit | Grass_Danimals

And indeed, no matter what tropical locale you find yourself in, it's never a good idea to text while driving.

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33. Not only is this bus ad seriously trippy, but it makes going to the zoo seem like the raddest idea ever.

Reddit | Itduke

Besides, they'll actually have to get in before they realize the snakes are more likely to just lounge around then crush a bus with their constrictive powers.

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34. Somebody found a way to feed two people at once and make them both feel like stars.

Reddit | chicken__dinner

Granted, the husband might realize that he suddenly has less of everything than expected, but that's just the price of stardom.

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35. This wasn't some unfortunate accident, but rather a big advertisement for a window repair company.

Reddit | HopelessKhaZix

And when it comes to putting their name in people's minds, this idea probably made as much of an impact as that boulder did.

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36. This may not have worked as well in the movie, but it's a clever way to decorate a bathroom.

Reddit | Bozzerone

Considering that most people use both taps to get the water temperature right, it also brings up an interesting question.

What would happen if Neo tried to take both the red and blue pills at once?

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37. This tattoo cover-up is not only better executed than the original, but shows no trace that it ever existed.

Reddit | Bro2423

And considering the reason why people usually get someone's face covered up, it probably indicates how this person feels about her if they ever crossed paths again.

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38. Ah yes, this heartfelt life advice certainly provides some words to live by.

Reddit | YarraYarra

Sure, they're words that will apparently end up startling people when we shout them in German, but words to live by nonetheless.

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39. If this man looks pleased with himself, it's probably because he just invented premium economy class.

Reddit | WonDirection4

Although this trick will normally just have you facing a wall, this man obviously knew exactly which airline would end up giving him extra legroom if he picked his seat just right.


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40. I guess we didn't really need our exit signs to conquer the third dimension, but now we can say we've seen one that does.

Reddit | ExistentialYurt

And now that we've seen it, it seems like it's a lot better at pointing us in the right direction and looking pretty cool while it does it.

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