Disney Fan Theories That Were Actually Confirmed

Well, we hate to say that you're right you wacky fan theorists, but turns out, sometimes your hair-brained theories about children's properties are right!

So I guess that means you'll never stop, doesn't it?

1. Riley in 'Finding Dory'


We all know that Pixar likes to include easter eggs in their properties, so it should be no surprise that they hid Riley, the little girl from Inside Out in Finding Dory.

Disney confirmed this theory in a video on their Toy Story fan page.

2. Why are Monsters afraid of humans?


In Monsters Inc, they never really explain why the monsters are so spooked by people.

Well, on the DVD, they tell us that monsters and humans used to live side by side, but humans drove them away.

3. Elsa's powers

Where did she get them? Was she just born with them?

Well, during an early writing meeting, it was joked that she got her powers when the planets aligned, specifically Earth and Saturn.

4. The Witch from 'Brave' and Boo


Well, some people thought that the witch from Brave was Boo from Monsters Inc due to a carving of Sully in the background.

Disney confirmed this theory in a video on their Toy Story fan page.

5. The first gay couple


And you thought LeFou was Disney's first openly gay character.

No, no, no! It was the antelopes in Zootopia! They were originally supposed to be gay, but Disney was afraid it wouldn't get past censors.

6. The Genie and The Merchant


Are both voiced by Robin Williams, so obviously, people thought that the merchant (or peddler) was the genie in disguise. Also, consider the fact that they're both the only characters with four fingers...

Because that's what the directors did. They confirmed this theory.

7. Tarzan is related to Elsa and Anna.


To Elsa and Anna!

Apparently, the parents of the Frozen princesses are the ones who also crash-landed on Tarzan's island, making the trio siblings!

Frozen director James Buck confirmed this in an interview with MTV.

8. Hercules and Ariel are related


Think about it. In Greek mythology, Zeus and Poseidon are brothers. Hercules is the son of Zeus, Ariel is the son of Trident (who might as well be Poseidon).

That's all we need to confirm this theory.

9. The Enchantress from 'Beauty And The Beast'


Sure, you could believe that the enchantress cursed the beast because he was a spoiled brat, or you could believe the book, titled: "The Beast Within" which confirms they were once lovers!

10. Speaking of post apocalypses...


There's a theory going around that Cars takes place in a post-human world.

We created AIs for cars that were so advanced they overthrew us and became the cars from... well, Cars.

11. Why the Cars from 'Cars' have accents


We know now that Cars takes place in a post apoclaypse, as it was confirmed by a guy who worked on the movie, Jay Ward.

However, they have accents because they took over the last person driving them.

12. Alice did wacky drugs in Wonderland


You love putting drugs into harmless kid's movies, don't you, film theorists?

Well, they didn't really have to in this one, as Alice eats funny mushrooms and gets smoke blown into her face.

13. 'Frozen' has a hidden message


Can you guess what the U.S. government wanted with Frozen? They wanted to use the movie to raise awareness for climate change!

If they could convince kids of how pretty colder parts of the world are, they would want to save it!

BONUS: Ariel's Mom


We've talked about her [dad], but what about her mom? Why isn't she around?

Well, we know that she was killed by pirates... what if she was killed by Captain Hook? Though not officially confirmed, it's as good as.

Do you know of any more?

If you do, let us know in the comments!

We'd love to hear them!