Smile Right From The Heart With These Wholesome Pics

How many of us actually laugh out loud before we reply to a text with an "LOL?" Usually we're feeling mild amusement at best, right? And don't get me started on ROFL.

But I genuinely smiled at these wonderfully wholesome pics. They actually got to me. I could feel the internet-inspired calluses on my heart softening up a bit, which is a refreshing feeling. Moreover, it's encouraging to know that there's just that much goodness in the world.

1. "Scuba buddy and I were diving canyon lake at 60 ft," wrote Reddit user jolene11. "Came across a prosthetic leg and we were able to get it back to the double amputee veteran who had lost it, he came to our veteran adaptive scuba class to retrieve it!"

Reddit | jolene11

Pretty incredible, I hope that leg is still usable!

2. "My boyfriend has clinical insomnia, but falls asleep every time I sing to him," wrote Reddit user AshyDay. "He’s asleep on the phone with me right now."

Reddit | AshyDay

Isn't that the sweetest thing?

3. At this restaurant, customers order at a counter before sitting down, but this worker decided to provide table service to these ladies anyway.

Reddit | htam_k

And apparently they "giggled all night" thanks to him.

4. "Two years ago I freed this li'l dude from a glue trap at work," wrote Reddit user GizmodoDragon92.

Reddit | GizmodoDragon92

Looks like it was quite the rescue process, but well worth the effort, of course.

5. Ambulance drivers in England returned from a call to find this note on their windshield.

Facebook | East Midlands Ambulance Service

So much better than the notes most of us find on our windshields, amirite? But EMTs sure deserve it!

6. "My Nan has dementia and everyday she meets my dog for the first time and falls in love with him over and over again," wrote Reddit user _papa_beef. "I managed to catch one of those moments!"

Reddit | _papa_beef

In a tough situation, these moments must be pure treasures.

7. On the anniversary of 9/11, these two firefighters visited a local gym to climb 110 flights of stairs in full gear for their fallen comrades.

Reddit | cburkey21

That has to be as humbling as it is exhausting.

8. "We were in a long line at the grocery," wrote Reddit user iteachonmars. "This man said he had to go use the restroom, but instead he secretly bought flowers for his wife and hid them behind his back."

Reddit | iteachonmars

Fellas, I hope you're taking notes.

9. This has to be one of the all-time greatest photobombs: a bear observing a wedding at a zoo.

Reddit | DrBaumli

He looks like he's watching Downton Abbey! He's so into the drama.

10. On a rainy day, this manager of a JCPenney grabbed an umbrella off the store's shelf to walk an elderly lady to her car.

Reddit | heathn

No better way to show off the quality of the merchandise — or of the staff.

11. "At work my bosses and I promote safe driving/awareness using a mascot(s) we call the 'Safe-T-Rex,'" wrote another Reddit user.

Reddit | Reddit

Safe driving is serious business, but teaching it doesn't have to be.

12. "This guy kept his hand in this position for more than 45 minutes so his daughter could sleep well," wrote Reddit user mohamedkotb7.

Reddit | mohamedkotb7

Just in case you doubted that dads will do anything for their daughters.

13. Just look at the love on display between this dad and his daughter.

Reddit | BlackEyedBroad

Clearly many years passed between the two pics, but neither the kitchen nor the love changed at all.

14. This homeowner decided to put their vegetable garden in front of their house instead of in the back yard.

Reddit | Grizz1371

The reason is right there on the sign that says, "Please help yourself!"

15. In this classroom, the teacher provides a couple of power bars so students can charge their phones during class.

Reddit | Landoro_

Bonus, kids whose phones are charging definitely won't be distracted by them throughout their lessons.

16. This good neighbor took a nice, lighthearted approach to providing fresh water for the area's pooches.

Reddit | RevivedBear

And, I suppose, for the short people with low standards in the neighborhood, too.