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Video Shows Kim Kardashian's 1-Year-Old With A Snake

Kim Kardashian isn't the first celebrity to deal with mommy shamers — and she's certainly not the last.

Recently, the reality star shared a video of one-year-old baby Psalm holding a snake.

While most of us couldn't get over how this child is braver than us, Twitter was busy sharpening the pitchforks for their mommy shaming attacks.

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to parenting kontroversy.

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Since becoming a mom to her four adorable kids, North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm, she's dealt with several accounts of mommy shaming.

She's not alone. Other celebs who get the mommy shamers senses tingling on the reg include Chrissy Teigen and Hilary Duff.

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At this point, it takes hardly anything to get people upset.

Like when people came for Teigen for waiting to take her three-year-old daughter, Luna, to the dentist.

Similarly, Kim came under fire for letting North wear lipstick for Christmas family shots.

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"Her daughter is like 6 why all the makeup" someone wrote.

The negative comments just kept on coming, even though Kim made it clear that North doesn't wear lipstick all of the time.

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She was only doing it then since it was a "special occasion."

Kim also catches heat pretty much every time North is pictured with straight hair since since it's a big change to her normal natural curls.

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"I can feel the heat damage from here! Leave your [kid's] hair alone let her have the choice to damage it when she's older," someone wrote.

Another recent mommy shaming event was when North wore a *fake* nose ring to her grandma MJ's birthday party.

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"Fake" being the operative word since Kim made it clear that it wasn't real.

This is likely due to her sensing the mommy shamers coming from miles away!

It's not just situations involving North that get people in a huff. This was proved when Kim shared this video of her one-year-old daughter, Chicago.

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First of all, I forgot how adorable she is!!

Second, people have been freaking out over the fact that Chicago is holding a snake.

Immediately, they were concerned for the little one's safety.

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While some agreed with this user's comment, others thought she was a tad bit overreacting.

"Did the snake tell you that?" someone joked.

Others saw it as an opportunity to throw shade at Taylor Swift.

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If you forgot, Kim pretty much started the whole "Taylor Swift's a snake" thing, making it an easy joke to make.

For the most part, people were concerned for Chicago since she's not exactly a snake charmer.

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And the snake's safety, too — "Nice job letting ur little kid move and grab a snake in a painful way for the little creature.”

An animal expert even weighed in.

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When speaking to Page Six, Grant Kemmerer, an animal expert and trainer of Wild World of Animals, said that letting a 1-year-old hold a snake isn't a "wise decision."

"A child at this age doesn’t necessarily understand the fine dexterity needed to handle a delicate animal, and you can see the child is grasping the snake’s neck/body which can make the snake uncomfortable and there’s a chance the snake could be defensive."

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Speaking of this, Kemmerer inspected the video and said that the snake was too close to the baby's face.

"As a general rule I would never hand an exotic animal to a child that age, too much could go wrong.”

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This wasn't some baby snake, either. This was an adult albino corn snake that baby Chi was handling.

Speaking of a snake handler, some people came to the girls' defense since the handler was there during the video.

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It wasn't like someone locked Chi and a snake alone in a room together.

The snake handler even spoke with the child and held the snake's brother.

Honestly, what concerns me is the fact that a one-year-old is braver than I'll ever be.

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Homegirl is wearing that thing like a scarf in this pic!

What do you think?

Is Kim in the wrong or is she just setting up Chi for a successful career as a snake charmer?