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12+ Perfectly Placed Signs

Ryan Ford 21 Aug 2019

If we didn't have signs to guide us through life, we'd probably be okay up until the exact moment that we weren't. They do serve an important purpose. But when they show up where they're least expected — and least helpful — they can at least be amusing.

1. When your intentions and your execution don't quite line up.

Imgur | Yummyyummytacoz

I mean, it's a great idea and all, but this sign just leaves something to be desired.

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2. Customer service is what really sets brands apart.

Reddit | thewargingned

And apparently the staff at this store are willing to really go the extra mile for their customers.

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3. I don't think this is supposed to work this way.

Imgur | Gargoyle929

To be fair, many hand sanitizers out there smell like they're edible, but science has yet to invent one that you should eat.

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4. Thanks for the info there.

Imgur | RunlikeAGurl

Only giving this sign inflatable pontoons to float in the middle of the road would improve it.

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5. Not sure if this was done out of concern or subliminal advertising.

Imgur | dajohn17

Mind you, both ways are working on me — I'm both worried about my blood sugar and craving a Swiss roll, so thanks, I guess.

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6. Well that's a real money-saver.

Reddit | diamondsealtd

And kind of a character builder, too. Good news kids, you get to eat like Oscar the Grouch does!

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7. Not so sure the folks at Subway were pleased with this placement.

Reddit | Blair_Force_One

Between Jared and the whole yoga mat thing, they don't need any more trouble.

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8. The thing about accessibility is that it has to be, you know, accessible.

Reddit | IdesOfQuill

So putting Braille on a sign above a doorway doesn't do much for people with impaired vision unless they're NBA refs.

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9. I, uh, I think I'll pass.

Reddit | N3ONV3GAS

I mean, I've had better offers, and they haven't made me wonder who's making the overtures.

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10. Okay, technically accurate.

Reddit | fr33andcl34r

Accurate, but not right. Somebody is going to end up with a lawsuit on their hands over this one. You know it.

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11. I somehow doubt this is an ad for a Bon Jovi album.

Reddit | MarshalMooMontana

In which case, this is just a dirty bathroom that you definitely shouldn't trust.

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12. I'm sure some parents have been tempted in these stressful moments.

Reddit | scubasteveee89

But please, that trash bin is for diapers, not for babies, even if the sign suggests it would be slam dunk.

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13. A valiant attempt, good sir.

Reddit | egonpingas

I don't think she saw the sign though — or maybe she saw a few that we didn't get to see.

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14. Okay, I think I'd actually be down for these nuptials.

Reddit | Import

The ceremony would definitely be a different one — maybe re-creating Beetlejuice?

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15. That's awfully...specific.

Imgur | awesomenobody

And random. Who needs to know the spot that Wilmington, North Carolina is 2,554 miles away?

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