Create Your Own Camping River Cruise With This Floating Tent

Everyone loves a little camping trip. You gather all the supplies, pack the car, and head out to the sort of middle of nowhere with all your pals or fam. It's a nice and relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of life.

But, we all know those people who are absolutely intense about camping, and I bet they'd absolutely love this floating tent.

This wild floating tent contraption is called the the Shoal Tent.


Forget camping on land, where life is safe, secure, and stable.

Shake things up a bit and camp on water! Let the water drift you into camping dreamland.

It's entirely inflatable and made completely without those pesky tent poles to offer a relatively easy camping experience.


It's also waterproof and made of super heavy duty fabric so that you don't just blow away or get soaked.

The raft itself also doubles as an air mattress, so you can leave that behind.

You can also fold up the curtains and make it a water gazebo! There are so many fun options for hanging out in this tent.


The tent also packs up super neatly and nicely.

It retails for $1,999.00 and is currently sold out, but don't worry! It's coming back in 6-8 weeks.

In the meantime, you can imagine yourself and a friend, sibling, or significant other floating together down a tranquil river.


I mean, we've all imagined what it might be like to sleep on a waterbed, right?

Would you give this floating tent a try? Let us know!

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