Totinos' New Snack Mix Combines Pizza Rolls With Other Cheesy Treats

Most of us can recall the first time our parents trusted us enough to leave us home alone for the evening.

And for a lot of us, that meant settling in for a night of video games they didn't know we had and a big plate of pizza rolls.

But while it seems that these little delights never quite went out of style, Totino's has recently made a big move to prove that they've stepped their game up since those days that now rule our nostalgia.

By the time fall rolls around, you can expect to see the ultimate variety pack in stores.

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Although the two big mixes available don't abandon the beloved pizza rolls, they're going to add a few enticing delights to go with them.

And what delights those are depends on which type you buy.

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In the original mix, the classic pepperoni pizza rolls come with some other Italian-inspired treats.

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These include mini mozzarella sticks, garlic bread bits, and cheesy marinara bites.

Aside from the lack of pepperoni, I suppose it's up to you to tell the difference between the pizza rolls and the marinara bites.

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However, you'll have no trouble telling the difference between items if you go with the "American Favorites" mix.

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Although the pepperoni pizza rolls have been swapped for a "cheeseburger flavor" variant, you can also expect to get cheddar bites, ham and cheese bites, and potato bites.

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So it seems to come down to what kind of cheese you prefer and whether you want potatoes or garlic in your bites.


Either way, you can expect to get 90 pieces of whichever mix you desire for about $8.79 when they finally come out.

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