15 Funny People Who Saw Their Opportunity And Took It

It can feel like fate when you have a funny idea and then the world conspires to give you the perfect circumstances to act it out, write it out, or lean over to your friend and whisper it while they're trying to pay attention to something else. These people saw their moments to be absolutely hilarious, and they took them by force.

Revenge is a dish best served fully charged.

This Reddit user shared that they gave their niece a Christmas present the year before and forgot to include batteries, so this year, their niece got them batteries, and forgot to include a gift.

Well played.

Finally, an honest review.

I always find when I'm reading reviews that it's best to look for ones with photos attached, but in this case, I'm actually pretty glad they decided to skip out.

Rain or sleet or snow or hail...

If you ever wondered if the post office would deliver a properly addressed and stamped square of toilet paper, this Reddit user figured out the answer: yes, they will. Even if it's addressed to Aunt Stinky.


Well, I think my cat might text me back, but only to make sure I remembered exactly what time dinner was supposed to be at.

Gotta protect yourself from the elements.

I hate cleaning off my sidewalk and driveway when there's been a big snowstorm, but if I could dress up as a rainbow maned pink unicorn while I did it, then... well, I'd probably still hate it, but it'd be more fun for my neighbors.

"Last year for Christmas my daughter got my son a picture of herself. This year she got him a picture of herself holding the picture she got him last year."

This is a smart move on this girl's part, because it only gets funnier every year and now she never has to worry about what to get her brother for Christmas.

Every sign tells a story.

Whoever hung up the sign resisted the greatest temptation in the world, which is letting people walk into glass walls for your own amusement. I'm not sure I would've had the strength.

This is the kind of store I need. Well, not need...

Whoever opened this store understands what is so appealing about going shopping — buying things you don't need but desperately, desperately want, like an inflatable alien.

Now that's art.

Whoever snapped this photo just knew it would tell an absolutely hilarious story without needing any words at all.

So spake the Mom!

This might as well be one of the ten commandments for how many households absolutely live by this rule.

"My nephew playing hide and seek."

Now this is definitely one way to stay a-head of the other players in a hide-and-seek match, but I'm not too sure about his plan to check the fireplace first.

Keep it simple.

Unfortunately, I'm not too sure that the people this sign is most needed will be influenced by the mere written word. Some people need some divine intervention.

"After years of saving I finally bought a house."

At first glance, this seems like a pretty nice space to have bought all on your own, but a quick glance out the window helps remind you just how tough the house market can be for first time buyers. I'd be lucky to afford one even this size!

Wait a second...

People say cats don't have many emotions, but I can tell that these ones have learned about the feeling of betrayal, and they're expressing it right now.

I don't think I've ever inspected my underwear close enough to notice something like this.

I suppose there's probably worse ways for the text to line up, but at least "blarse" is pretty close to where you'll be wearing these anyway!