20 Times Beauty Came Out Of Nowhere

Have you ever had one of those magical days where you look amazing with zero effort? They're all too rare, in my experience, but that makes them more memorable, too.

Sometimes nature, and the wider world in general, works the same way. While intentional beauty is captivating in its own right, sometimes the unintentional stuff is what you truly remember.

"All the layers of paint on the Berlin wall."

Reddit | pa_instaking

This isn't just beautiful, it's also a time capsule of sorts. Like urban tree rings, you can tell how long people have been painting on this wall by the many layers of paint.

"My lavender ice cream at Australia's largest lavender farm."

Reddit | dogsandhalloween

I've never been to a lavender farm, nor have I sampled lavender ice cream, but there's something about the wide open fields, bright blue sky and — oh yeah — that purple ice cream that makes me want to go.

"Oak Alley Plantation."

Reddit | NoLongerinOR

If you've ever played Red Dead Redemption 2, this scene probably looks pretty familiar to you. That's because the game's devs used this plantation as inspiration for one of the settings in the game. I'd say the real thing is even better.

"A winter sunset."

Reddit | Better_Ad_4371

Days are short and nights are long during the winter months, and as such, sunsets can pass in the blink of an eye. But if you're able to capture the pretty ones, it makes the cold months that much more bearable.

"A hill in California."

Reddit | immikeyu

Maybe it's just me, but I'm getting Windows XP default wallpaper vibes from this image. I like this one better, though — it's dark and moody, and the elevation gives the pic a better sense of perspective.

"A cardinal."

Reddit | ickybus

Cardinals are some of the prettier, and more instantly identifiable birds, you'll commonly see. The striking red plumage of a male cardinal looks that much better went juxtaposed against the bright, monochromatic background of a cold winter day.

"The sunset inside an almost empty plane."

Reddit | triptoverona

That's a gorgeous sunset in any context, but there's something about viewing it through three separate plane windows that really gives it some oomph. The repetition of the three windows almost gives it a pop art vibe.

"A Krispy Kreme store in the fog."

Reddit | Coopscw

I'm willing to bet that this Krispy Kreme location looks utterly unspectacular the vast majority of the time. But seeing those neon lights on an atmospheric, foggy night gives the donut shop a totally different vibe.

"On New Year's Eve."

Reddit | BellaVerona

Have you ever gone to a fireworks display, taken a bunch of blurry pics of the fireworks, then immediately deleted them? The key is to contextualize the fireworks by including not just them, but the surroundings into the picture.

"Shadows on the snow."

Reddit | Vrosee0

Blur your eyes and you might not even be able to make out this pic — is it people holding hands, or some kind of chain or what? No, it's just the magic of trees, snow and shadows.

"Lying between two lakes in South Australia."

Reddit | rapgraves

It's some kind of chemical reaction that causes some lakes to appear pink. It's a striking phenomenon by itself, but I don't think I've ever seen a pink lake located so close to conventional blue water.

"Sunset over stolen package wasteland in Los Angeles."

Reddit | paolofortades

The setting of this photo isn't pretty. It's probably dangerous and full of broken glass. But seeing it with the sunset, palm trees and iconic skyline of Los Angeles makes it more than the sum of its parts.

"The Bishop's Bridge in Barcelona Gotich Quarter."

I love those dark, shadowy areas that get punctuated with pools of bright sunlight. I've never been to Barcelona, but this alley looks like it would be right up my...uh, alley, I guess.

"My son exploring in the woods."

Reddit | Norwegian_grit

This photo is so beautiful it almost doesn't look real. It looks like the cover of a fantasy novel, or maybe concept art for the next Legend of Zelda game. Either way, it's a great photo.

"The wing scales on a butterfly."

Reddit | hairy_quadruped

Nature never ceases to amaze. A butterfly's wings are already stunning when viewed by the naked eye, but if you have the ability to zoom in, they take on a whole other level of beauty.

"My delivery dude sent me the most beautiful photograph of the Chinese food I ordered."

Twitter | @em___dash

I'm trying to figure out just what's so eye-catching about this pic. I think it's a combination of the late afternoon light, the shadows and even the grime on the siding.

"Bus interior made to look like a forest."

Reddit | jyrisa

As someone who's endured many long, stressful commutes on public transit, I'd welcome something like this. It must feel good to take a deep breath, look up and be transported to an idyllic forest setting.

"The way my chai latte froze in the car."

Reddit | kymilovechelle

I have no idea what the science behind this is, but it's an interesting sight to behold. It's also a bonus for anyone who's ever wanted to try frozen chai wafers.

"This is ice on my dry sidewalk. I am blown away at its beauty."

Twitter | @hollyonthehill

Ice sometimes takes on these elegant, swoopy patterns. I'm not going to try to understand the science behind it; I'm just going to take it for what it is.

"My gin and tonic glows bright blue under black light."

Reddit | chocolatewaltz

If you want to enjoy the magic of glow-in-the-dark cocktails, make sure you're buying tonic that has quinine in it. That's what gives it this ethereal glow. You'll need to supply your own berries, too.

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