Almost Every Time Carrie Bradshaw Made A Terrible Decision In 'Sex And The City'

Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City has always been about as fabulously real as it gets.

For six seasons, two movies, and one reboot, she's enamored us with witty one-liners, impressive career, and a closet that we'd kill for.

But Carrie is far from perfect. This has been shown time and time again.

So grab your Cosmo (you'll need it for this) and let's take a look back at every time she made a terrible decision on Sex and the City.

When she cheated on Aidan with Big


There's no denying that Aidan was the best boyfriend Carrie ever had.

He was secure, stable, and absolutely adored the ground Carrie walked on. So what did she do to thank him? Cheated on him with Big who was married!

When she begged Aiden to forgive her for cheating on him


We can still hear Carrie emotionally telling Aidan, "you have to forgive me" over and over.

This was a heartbreaking scene to watch, for Aidan's sake. He was being pressured to forgive someone he wasn't ready to forgive.

When she blew off dinner with Miranda to have dinner with Big

Thanks to all the drama and turmoil, there were times when it felt like Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte were also in the relationship with Big.

And yet, despite how much her friends were there for her, Carrie would always drop them for Big.

When she pressured Samantha into coming to her book launch party even though she had a chemical peel gone wrong


Samantha made it clear she didn't want to come to the party and embarrass herself. But Carrie wouldn't take no for an answer. To make matters worse, Carrie shamed her appearance at the party.

When she refused to give up her friendship with Big while dating Aidan

Talk about insult to injury!

In addition to having dinners with the man she CHEATED on Aidan with (and forcing him to accept this "friendship"), she had the gull to invite him to Aidan's country house.

When she ditched her date at a party because she didn't want to date a bisexual man


For being a sex columnist, Carrie was extremely limited in her views. Her reasoning for leaving the party was lame; she said that bisexuality was a "young person's game."

When she stalked Big and his mother at church because he wouldn't introduce her to his mother

Instead of dumping the jerk for their making their relationship feel one-sided, she went full-on psycho instead. Not a good look!

When Carrie crashed Natasha's lunch to apologize


The beautiful Natasha had a fifth-stage clinger in the form of Carrie.

Even though Big's wife refused to see Carrie after discovering the affair, Carrie ignored her wishes and ruined Natasha's lunch as an attempt to rid her guilt.

When she guilt-tripped Charlotte over not offering her $30,000 to buy her apartment

Charlotte was absolutely within her boundaries to not offer Carrie the money. She was right: money can ruin friendships.

Besides, it's not Charlotte's fault that Carrie spent all her money on clothes and shoes.

When she sent Aidan to help an injured Miranda


Poor Miranda! She was naked when Aidan found her on the bathroom floor. Carrie should've at least given her a heads up that she was sending her boyfriend.

When she brought Miranda "cheer me up bagels"


Miranda's a smart woman; she could see right through Carrie's motives!

She wasn't there to check up on her friend; she wanted to talk about Aidan! The proof was in the missing cream cheese.

When she got back together with Big after he left her at the altar

If someone did this to us, it would be really hard to ever forgive them. Especially if they did half the things Big did to Carrie.

When she wore her engagement ring to Aidan around her neck


Carrie gave a cop-out answer when Aidan asked why the ring wasn't on her finger.

"It's closer to my heart this way," Carrie said. In truth, she wanted to toe the line of being single and committed at the same time.

When she cheated on Big with Aidan


Everything came full-circle in the worst way when she did this.

Since she ran into him overseas, she believed that this had to mean something. Reality: she was simply bored in her marriage.

When she body-shamed Samantha's weight gain

Samantha's friends were none too kind when she gained a few extra pounds as a result of being unhappy in her relationship with Smith Jerrod.

Instead of supporting her, Carrie looked horrified at Samantha's gut. She also said, "how could you not realize it?"

When she judged Samantha after walking in on her giving oral sex to a delivery guy in her office


No wonder Samantha doesn't talk to Carrie in And Just Like That!

Despite being a sex writer, Carrie was extremely judgemental about sex. This wasn't fair since Samantha didn't judge her when she had an affair with Big.

When she gave up her whole life to be with Aleksandr Petrovsky


Carrie gave up everything — her friends and her job — to be with a man she hardly knew. Of course, it turned out to be a disaster in the end.

When she choose Petrovsky over the party her French fans were throwing her

Life in Paris was pretty miserable for Carrie. Petrovsky was constantly bailing on her, leaving her lonely and missing her old life.

So when a good opportunity came her way, it was sad to see her choose him once again.

When she blamed Miranda for Big leaving her at the altar

This was so unfair! Big was already afraid of commitment without Miranda's comment about marriage ruining everything.

But did Carrie think of this? Nope, she only cared to pass the blame!