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One Woman's Bad Tattoo Is My Own Worst Nightmare

Getting a tattoo is a very intense experience. Not only is it painful and expensive, but it's something that is also going to be on your body forever.

Tattoos are permanent works of art that can be looked back on and cherished, but also, they have to be done in the right way by the right person. A bad tattoo can be truly regrettable.

Listen, people don't WANT to get bad tattoos, but it can happen.

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One reason tattoos can go wrong is that people rush to get them done without thinking.

Another reason is that people go to places that are less expensive, just because they don't want to spend a lot of money on their tattoos.

You should always research an artist and go for consultations before getting a tattoo.

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Before deciding to get a tattoo, big or small, it's important to have a consultation and research your artist.

You want to make sure they are experts at doing the specific type of tattoo and style. And, of course, that they are good at what they do.

Recently, a popular TikTok trend has proven people all over have terrible tattoos.

A popular TikTok trend has taken off that showcases the tattoos that people regret.

The trend showcases the tattoo design that people "asked for," vs. the tattoo that they actually left the shop with. The two are never the same.

20-year-old TikTok user Jessica Lynn jumped in on the trend.

Remixing the video to showcase what tattoo she asked for vs. what tattoo she got, Jessica wanted a version of the tattoo that looks like Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam, where two hands were outreached almost touching each other.

Jessica said she and her friend had wanted tattoos because "they've very impulsive."

"My friend and I tend to do a lot of things out of impulse because that's just how we are and it makes for great stories," she said.

They ended up getting an artist recommendation from a friend for a guy who does tattoos out of his home.

Obviously, this seems sketchy.

However, Jessica said "He showed us some of his work. His girl was there and she had her whole body covered in tattoos he did and they weren't bad. He also tattooed himself and they weren't bad."

At first, he put the stencil on and everything looked great.

"He put the stencil on, it looked great. It was what I wanted. But when I looked down when it was finished, that wasn't the stencil... at all."

Jessica was shocked to see what her tattoo turned out to actually be.

The tattoo barely looked like hands.

People online were shocked and also laughing at how badly the tattoo came out.

Some said it looked like the movie E.T. and hardly looked like hands at all. Others were unsure how something could go so wrong so fast.

Jessica was able to go to a tattoo shop the following day to get it fixed and covered up.

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She met with another artist at a tattoo shop who was able to look at the tattoo and give her a proper consultation.

She was able to return to the tattoo salon a week later to get a proper tattoo coverup for the mess the other artist made.

The artist said the original tattoo was done "too harshly."

"The new tattoo artist told me that from the way it looked, the [mutual friend] pressed way too hard for it to be on my rib cage which was going to make it harder for him to cover up," Jessica said.

Jessica's friend also got a "bad tattoo" from the same shop.

And, as it was a joint adventure, Jessica wasn't alone. Her friend also got a "bad tattoo" that she also shared on her TikTok page.

Looks like this guy shouldn't be doing tattoos out of his house any more!