23 Retail Workers Who Definitely Deserve A Raise

I was lucky enough to have only worked at a grocery store for a couple of years as a teenager. And that's where my retail experience ended. Needless to say, I was happy to hand over that mantle, hee-hee.

It takes a special person to handle the managers and the customers in a way that won't drive you crazy. So it's easy to see why these folks had enough.

1. This Experiment

Unless you are 100% certain, you really shouldn't assume that any glass is shatter-proof. It's also a terrible idea to test out this theory in a store. That poor employee probably had a huge mess to clean up.

2. This Familiar Scenario

I guess you would be laughing too if it wasn't about the 100th time you've heard this line today. And they think they're the only ones who are that clever. Am I right, hehe? Not even close.

4. This Funny Scenario

I have to admit I've done that before, too. I must've been brain dead that day or something of that nature. But the cashier probably didn't even remember me, and here I was thinking that way.

3. This Hole In One

"My boss volunteered me for a golf event that I hated every second of, so I gave her a golf-themed resignation letter."

OMG, I've never laughed harder than I am now. That is the funniest resignation letter I've ever seen, haha. Great job! Bravo!

5. This Sign-Up Sheet

This is what happens when you're manager puts up a sign-up sheet to get people to volunteer to work on Christmas. Aha! I see this idea isn't going that well, so good luck with that one.

6. This Sign

Wow, there must be so much more abusive behavior going on right now for a store to put this sign up, huh? In fact, I have seen this in a lot more places now, so this isn't the only one.

7. This Pleasure Of A Customer

"So I’m recovering the floor. There’s a guy trying on shirts in the store and leaving the ones he doesn’t want on the fixtures. I kindly tell him that if he doesn’t want the shirt, please just put it back on the hanger. He proceeds to tell me 'That’s not my job, that’s your job, you get paid to do that,'" one worker online recounted.

Oh, that's nice.

8. This Oxymoron

Oh, how nice of McDonald's to ask people something like that. I wonder though, how much they liked the response they got. Makes you think, huh? At least that's what I hope comes out of that. One should hope, ha, ha!

9. This Sad Admission

"I truly enjoyed Christmas before working retail and now I hate it. It seems to bring out the worst in people. Does anyone else feel that way?" one worker asked online.

Aww, that's so sad. Isn't it? Whatever happened to the happiest time of the year, huh?

11. This Fabulous Manager

OMG, what? Do you know what I would do if I had this job? I would turn straight to that manager and say, "Take that job and shove it, I don't wanna work no more." See ya later, skater.

10. This Happy Day

How many times have you heard somebody say that to you, and you almost did a happy dance right in front of them? It's funny how it sounds like a thread in their head, but it's the best thing you've heard all day when you're the retail worker.

12. This Familiar Scenario

Okay, full disclosure, I get super irritated when I go to the store only to find out the item I wanted is out of stock. Then I annoyingly tell them, "But I saw online that it was available." My bad!

13. This Outcome

I bet you're standing there going, "I told you so," even if it's only in your head. If that's not going to make your day, I don't know what will, hee-hee. Just keep that in mind as you go on.

16. This Sad Scenario

If you're reading this while sitting at home drinking hot chocolate, consider yourself the luckiest person in the world. There are people out there who have it much worse than you, so remember that the next time you shop in a store.

14. This Fire Hazard

"I was told that I'm not allowed to use the heater because it's a fire hazard. Meanwhile, behind the cash...."

Ha, ha, I hear you loud and clear. I've had to deal with that pretty much in all my jobs. It still makes zero sense to me.

15. This Total Truth

Ain't that the truth or what? I remember vividly having to say over and over to people that my cash register was closing even though there was a clear sign at the end of my line. Oh, my GAWD!

17. This "Special Treat"

Sure, a banana is nice and all but is this really the best snack the company could provide to show their appreciation? Let's be real, a single banana costs, what, $0.30? They can do better.

18. This Total Mess

OMG, what in the heck happened here? Was it a hurricane? Was it a tornado? Or was it just a bunch of moms with toddlers? Can you imagine having to clean up all of that? Heck no!

19. This Depressing Sign

Do people really need to be reminded that employees are human beings with feelings? What is this world coming to? Just as a friendly reminder, it's always a good idea to treat others with respect and kindness.

20. This Stealth Move

Anyone who has worked in retail knows that you have to be extra sneaky when going for your break. Otherwise, customers will spot you, stop you, and the next thing you know, your precious break is gone.

21. This Reminder

The person who posted this said their manager is "sympathetic". Yikes, if I was an employee at this store and saw this sign on my first day, I would run for the hills.

22. This Accurate Description

Why is it that companies always talk about the importance of teamwork, but when it comes to success, only one person gets all the credit? Let's not even get into that the person receiving the credit isn't even the one who did the work...

23. It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year...

For many retail workers, the Christmas season is anything but holly and jolly. Not only do they have to deal with tons of frantic customers, but they don't even get to take the holidays off themselves. Remember this next Christmas when you're out shopping.

Wow! And I bet you thought you had the worst job in the world?

Think again. These people who work in retail deserve a medal, or better yet, a huge raise. I hope one day, they will be out of there, and on to bigger and better things than this crappy job. Here's hoping.