20 People Who Are Really Going Through It

What's life without a little struggle, right? Or a lot, depending on your circumstances. We all go through it, as there are a million different forms of strife we can encounter on a daily basis.

This list is here to provide some perspective, showing the adversity that others face so we can remind ourselves that, when challenges come our way, it could always be worse.

"Guess what kind of animal nonchalantly pushed my mug from the table."

My money's on a ferret. Have you ever seen a ferret run around? They're little vessels of chaos, they would feel nothing for a mug knocked off a table.

What? You think it's a cat? I'm not sure, that doesn't seem likely.

"A big tooth that came out my mouth and took 45 minutes."

Not only is this tooth massive, but the person who uploaded this pic said it was one of their baby teeth. I shudder to think of the size of their fully formed teeth if this is what a baby one looks like, they'll be able to bite through steel!

"Good morning!"

Oh, that title just makes this so, so sad to witness. It looks like a of the few eggs stayed intact at least, so you can cook those up while cleaning the rest and still leave with a good, healthy breakfast!

"A bear decided to investigate my sister’s car last night."

A bear? According to the uploader, it climbed up the hood and windshield just to sit on the roof, so either he thought this was a really interesting bench, or was upset that there didn't appear to be any food inside like he'd hoped.

"My car melted."

Melted...yeah, that's a new one.

Wait, this car looks like the car in the last pic. Did this happen to the same person? Just days after repairing the bear damage and cleaning those pawprints off, the front end decided to melt? Talk about bad luck.

"The glass on my bedside I drank com before turning on the light."

Oh nooo, please, anything but this. Something like this happening is genuinely one of my worst nightmares, I can't imagine being able to sleep after this at least for the next few nights. Every glass of water from there on out would need thorough inspection before drinking.

"Had time to go to bed and wake up in the morning … still on hold. Thanks Delta."

If you have to be on hold for ages, at least it was just long enough for you to sleep at least! Not that that makes it any better on Delta's end, but better to nap through most of your wait time than just sit there.

"Only just realized this was cuticle cream after using at as lip chap for multiple weeks."

To top it all off, the OP said it didn't even work well as a lip balm.

It may not have kept your lips moisturized, but at least it stopped them from getting hangnails and kept the skin around your lips nice and soft!

"My wife was given a fake $20 bill from a bank and they refused to take it back."

What? That's extremely not cool on multiple levels. The fact that they took it at all by whoever brought it in to start, and that they won't replace this one! Especially since I'm assuming this person's wife brought it right to the counter after getting it. They just gave her $0!

"Just blended up some fresh Diablo sauce."

And blending is just about where the sauce endeavor is going to end, isn't it?

Luckily, OP was looking on the bright side. They explained that the bottom of the blender just gave out. Since the container was a little too full anyway, they're using this as an excuse to buy a bigger blender.

"Came home from work to find out my dog destroyed my feather pillow."

Look at that face, he doesn't have an ounce of regret in him. Like, he knows it was wrong based on how you're reacting, but he has such a blast doing it that he'd rip up another one in a heartbeat!

"Dog ate my money."

That's a pretty high-value bill to lose to a dog, or anything else, but luckily bringing this back to a bank should be enough for them to replace it.

Unless you're the same person who had the fake bill from earlier, in which case, maybe they'll say no again.

"Guess [who's] never going snowboarding ever again?"

Can I guess the guy with the neck brace on, or is that cheating?

He said he was alright, by the way. Not completely unharmed as he has a fractured spine and almost-broken leg, but he's being well taken care of!

"I set a large document to print and then went to teach. Came back to 99 pages of wingdings."

A genius in the comments had this to say, "This is how I used to get extra time on assignments in the 90s. 'Professor, I tried to print my paper in the computer lab and this is all that came out!'"

That's definitely a trick you couldn't pull these days.

"Bottom of the slow cooker pot fell off spilling 6 liters of hot pinapple juice everywhere, the kitchen will be sticky until the end of time."

I can nearly smell this scene, especially since it looks like it really hadn't started cooking yet. Fresh onions mixed with pineapple juice, it's not a great combo.

They did manage to save the ham hock, though, so at least there's a victory in here.

"Pulled into my driveway just to look behind me and see…a chemical warehouse explosion."

That most definitely is quite the news to come home to, but at least you already made it home! Though, if you felt it was safe enough, the best bet would probably to book it out of town for a few days just in case.

"After two years living in my house, I came home to learn my mantelpiece was just glued on."

Huh. Well, that wasn't very nice of whoever installed that mantelpiece, now was it?

Even worse was someone in the comments who said they encountered the same problem, but with their kitchen cabinets. Now I feel like checking all my wall-mounted items for screws.

"I accidentally ripped out my eyelashes an hour before I got married."

Oh god, talk about photos that make you cringe, I can only imagine how painful this was! The timing is wildly unlucky too, but at least you that if your spouse still loves you with half your eyelashes gone, they'll love you through anything.

"My coffee pot broke the other day, had to pull a MacGyver for a cup this morning."

This is more ingenuity and creativity than I could ever dream of having before my morning coffee. My brain function is at a base level for at least 30 minutes after waking up, so the fact that you were able to do this at all is what's most impressive.

"My makeup brush came away from its handle and landed straight in my coffee while I was getting ready for work this morning..."

And here we see the opposite of the last post, and someone I can really level with in terms of morning coordination.

I hope you got a new, better cup of coffee, friend. Do not let this one moment defeat you.