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Woman Sets Up 'Glitter Trap' For Sneaky Mother-In-Law

When you get married, you not only marry your spouse, but you also marry their family. For some, getting a new set of parents (in-laws) is something that many look forward to.

Some people really get along with their in-laws quite well. For others, there are some rough patches that they have to navigate through. Some mother-in-laws can be quite difficult to handle and deal with.

Many people believe that their mother-in-laws are "overbearing" and too extra.

Some people complain, usually wives, that their mother-in-laws can be very overbearing and also kind of annoying.

Sometimes, mother-in-laws want to get too involved in a couple's personal lives and even in their family business. Not everyone appreciates this.

One Reddit user recently revealed how she decided to catch her MIL in the act of snooping in her personal business.

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The Reddit user said that her MIL is very nosy. She constantly is all up in their business and recently, she caught her snooping in her bedroom when she was not around.

She was upstairs looking for something in her child's room when she saw her MIL go in, and begin ruffling through some of their bills and papers.

Since then, the Reddit user has bought new doorknobs with locks on them.

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Wanting her MIL to stay out of her rooms and her business, the Reddit user decided to get some new doorknobs with locks on them.

That way, you need a key to get into her bedroom and other places where they keep things like their office.

Her husband thought she was "taking things too far."

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The Reddit user's husband said that they didn't need to have doorknobs with locks and that they don't need to lock them because his MIL isn't going to snoop.

However, the Reddit user disagreed completely and decided to take matters into her own hands.

Instead of locking the doors, she used glitter.

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The idea behind this was to see if her MIL would try to go into their rooms and open the doors.

If she did, she'd get covered in glitter and that was the definitive proof that she needed to showcase that her MIL was a sneaky snooper.

When her in-laws came over, her husband asked that "no one go upstairs."

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Seeing as their bedroom and office room is upstairs, they put the baby gate they have by the stairs to keep everyone away from their personal spaces.

The Reddit user set up her glitter trap to see if the MIL would listen to completely ignore them.

Before she knew it, her MIL came downstairs covered in glitter.

Her MIL came back to the living room with glitter all over her shirt, her hair—everywhere.

She was angry and screaming about how awful it was and the Reddit user's husband agreed that his wife had taken things way too far.

The Reddit user asked if she was "justified" or if she was wrong.

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Apparently, her husband thinks she's totally in the wrong for doing this.

Her MIL is also mad that her car is now ruined because there is glitter all over the place and it's too hard to clean.

Many said that the MIL is 100% wrong.

"I had a good laugh at this. I feel like you did a good job leading up to this and were incredibly patient with a boundary stomping MIL.

My petty a** doesn’t see this as your fault. I mean sure we know you set a trap for her. But she had been explicitly told time and time again to not go into those rooms," one person said.

Others said it's the husband's fault entirely.

"OP your problem is not your MIL, it’s your husband. I’ve been where you are, and it’s hard to see when the person you love isn’t actively causing the issues, but his inaction and inability to enforce boundaries with his family is the only reason you have the problems with your MIL," said one Reddit user.

One person even said she missed a great opportunity for a good prank.

"You missed out on the perfect opportunity to spread Disinformation. Make up fun documents to leave 'hidden' on your desk about how your helping the UN with a 'crisis' or leave out fake letters from heads of state or whoever her favorite famous person is. If she's gonna snoop have fun with it," one person commented.

Who's in the wrong here?

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