Ikea Shoppers' Awkward Mistake Captured In Viral Video

Let me ask you: have you shopped at Ikea before? I bet you have. I mean, who hasn't? Am I right? But can you bring yourself back to that first time you visited the store? I bet it was quite overwhelming, huh?

So it's no wonder this couple made a funny gaffe that has now gone viral on TikTok. Let's check it out.

Most Ikea shoppers know their way around the store.

Unsplash | Ruel Del Jamorol

First, you visit the showroom, so you can see all the furniture and accessories displayed in full view. You can grab a few small things along the way. But here's the most important thing...

At the end of your shopping experience, you get to the warehouse.

Unsplash | tommao wang

Here's where you actually pick up your flat-packed furniture. Well, that's where things went wrong for this one couple. Wait until you hear the rest of this story, hee-hee.

You see, this couple decided to grab a TV console right from the showroom.

And they were carting it around the store like total novices, hee-hee. That's when somebody cleverly grabbed their cell phone and started recording the incident.

This person didn't even tell the couple about their gaffe.

And they waited for somebody to inform them about what they were doing wrong. I guess it makes for a funny video, eh? After all, it did end up going viral.

Since this video was posted on TikTok, it has racked up millions of views.

And the comments on it have been quite entertaining. So I'm going to share a few of them here in hopes it will make you laugh too.

It seems that this isn't an isolated incident.

An Ikea employee chimed in and said that this happens more than we think. I can totally see that. I mean, there are still some people who haven't been to Ikea. It's unusual but possible, right?

These two responses had me howling pretty hard, haha.

Imagine if you can get away with that? It can take hours to assemble Ikea furniture, so that would be amazing, huh? Perhaps I can try this next time I'm shopping there.

Other people also pointed out that some Ikeas have a bargain section.

You pick up furniture that's already assembled, so there are no flat packs. What? I didn't know that. I don't think our nearest Ikea even has that. Wow! I like that idea.

So have you ever made a mistake shopping at Ikea or any other store like that?

Did people tell you right away, or did they enjoy watching you make a fool of yourself? I hope not, ha, ha! I feel a little bad for this couple, but at the same time, it was pretty funny.