Betty White Has Died At 99

Only less than a month away from her 100th birthday, Betty White has passed away.

It's with a heavy heart that we report this news.

Rest in peace to this great actress.

Betty White has passed away according to TMZ.

Whether you watched her shows or you didn't, chances are you definitely knew who she was.

Her career was littered with great performances, and she was a fantastic woman and beloved by all.

While her most famous role was on 'Golden Girls', fans loved her in everything and anything that she did.

Fans all over the world will surely be missing her and mourning her.

Betty's death comes just short of her 100th birthday.

The actress was set to celebrate her 100th birthday on January 17th.

A one-day-only special will be hitting theatres across the country on that day.

Just last week, the trailblazing actress spoke with "People" magazine about her illustrious career and life.

"I'm so lucky to be in such good health and feel so good at this age," she shared. "It's amazing."

She insisted that being "born a cockeyed optimist" is the key to her positive attitude. .

"I got it from my mom, and that never changed," she told the publication. "I always find the positive."

As for what food she recommends for her diet, she joked: "I try to avoid anything green. I think it's working."

Her sense of humour and charisma is just one of the few things fans will miss most about this iconic actress and friend.

Fans have taken to social media to remember the beloved actress.

You would be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn't absolutely love this legend.

Betty's kindness and generosity towards others is one thing she will be remember by the most.

She was loved by everyone who knew her, including her co-stars Carol Burnett and Sandra Bullock, who spoke to People in the aforementioned article about her.

"She'd come on my show, [The Carol Burnett Show], and if there was a tinge of risqué humor in one of our sketches, she'd roll with it and make it even funnier and add a little wink to show that she was thinking of something sexy," Carol Burnett told the publication.

"She's not a stand-up. She's not a jokester. It's the way she can twist a line to get a laugh."

Betty's "The Proposal" co-star Sandra Bullock also praised the iconic actress.

"Timing isn't easy in comedy, because you have to navigate other people's timing. Betty pivots like I have never seen, making it look seamless."

"The rest of us just remain silent and pray we're not cut out of the scene."

I think it's safe to say everyone who knew Betty personally, or felt they knew her through her work has nothing but love and joy attached to this one-of-a-kind woman.

RIP Betty White.