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Woman Shames Neighbor 'Karen' On TikTok For Making Her Dogs Sick

What would you do if your neighbor tried to harm your pet?

That's the situation one TikToker found herself in after her neighbor apparently poured a bunch of chili powder over their shared fence so the dogs would eat it.

Needless to say, the video's gone viral.

Neighborly relations can be tough.

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Even with individually-owned properties, tensions can run high between neighbors, particularly when pets are involved.

Obviously, the mature way to handle things is through discussion. But that isn't always the way things pan out.

A TikToker shared her story of neighbor drama.

TikTok | @smolgoatt

Shaian, who goes by @smolgoatt on TikTok, accused her neighbor of pouring chili powder over their shared fence.

The bone of contention? Shaian's two dogs were apparently barking too much for the neighbor's liking.

Here's the evidence.

TikTok | @smolgoatt

It certainly appears to be chili powder or cayenne pepper, poured in bulk.

Shaian says that when she let her dogs out, they immediately started eating the powder.

"I called my housing company first and asked them if anyone was at the house today, if there were any work orders," she said. "They said no, they don't know what it is."

"So I went over to my neighbor's house and asked her what it is."

The neighbor fessed up, saying she dumped the powder over the fence because the dogs' barking was ruining her sleep.

"I didn't know that they would eat it, I just saw it online and thought it would be a good idea since they're always barking at us and harassing my dog and peeing on the fence line," the neighbor explained.

That's a lot to take in.

Many of us have had our sleep ruined by barking dogs, but it seems like dumping an industrial-sized load of chili powder over the fence is an extreme response when most neighbors would at least try to talk about the issue.

Here are Shaian's dogs.

TikTok | @smolgoatt

They're both rescue puppies, about seven months old. Fortunately, they weren't harmed by the chili powder apart from some gastric discomfort (Shaian did say, "They're probably going to [expletive] their brains out tonight.").

Barking dogs *can* be annoying.

TikTok | @smolgoatt

Shaian acknowledges that they have "a lot" of training left to do, which is pretty typical of puppies in general.

She says she understands the neighbor's frustrations, but just wishes they could have talked their way through the problem.

She could push things farther.

TikTok | @smolgoatt

The neighbor did say they didn't expect the dogs to eat the powder, but still, this definitely constitutes poisoning. If the neighbor wanted to keep the dogs away from the fence line, the powder could have gone on the other side of the fence.

Shaian's not going to involve the police.

In this follow-up video, she gave an update on her dogs: they're fine, which is the most important thing here.

She notes that she tried to involve the housing company, but they wanted nothing to do with it. Since she doesn't want to involve the police, it seems the issue is over.

Here's the original video.

It's an interesting case study of one way that things can go sour between neighbors.

Check out Shaian's video, and then share your stories in the comments. Have you ever had to deal with a nightmare neighbor?

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