Rude Customer Wrecks Her Own 'Perfect Christmas Outfit' After Worker's Revenge

At this point, I'm sure most of us have heard enough horror stories of entitled and abusive customers to prove that the phrase "the customer is always right" couldn't be further from the truth.

It also seems that many of them fail to realize that the more they yell at an employee, the less interested that person will be in helping them.

But when a customer starts acting particularly irate and unreasonable, it's hard not to give in to the temptation to make their day worse in turn.

And sure, there are some workers out there who will react reflexively and face some consequences depending on how they get their revenge. But as we're about to see, it's the ones who remember their store's policies well and creatively use them to their advantage that can really bring out their problem customers' regret.

When one clothing store employee was working on the week leading up to Christmas, it didn't take long to notice they would have a problem.

As they explained in a Reddit post, they found that they wouldn't be joined by more coworkers as expected so they ended up understaffed while having to deal with double their usual number of customers.

But while their store filled up with long lines of frustrated customers, they were still able to perform as usual because their job was to keep the changing rooms clean and put back any clothes that people left behind in there.

Despite this, one woman was able to rope this worker into her quest for what she described as the "perfect Christmas outfit."

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Although the fact that she did this by saying "You there, bring me an S for this skirt," didn't exactly put her off to a great start, the employee was nonetheless willing to help her.

As they said, "I told her that I will bring it, but she will need to be patient since i have a lot of work to do."

As you may have already guessed, she was hardly patient.

And it turned out she also had an unfortunate sense of timing because right as the worker was about to help her find that skirt five minutes later, she shouted and asked where it was.

When the employee said they were about to bring it, she replied with, "'Forget it, I'll bring it myself, looks [like] nobody does any work in this store."

This led the employee to explain that this isn't normally their job and that they were doing her a favor, but the customer just called them useless in response.

By that point, the employee was pretty fed up with her entitlement and decided not to be so helpful after all.

By that, I mean they recalled that their store's policy allowed them to check out items for themselves during business hours.

So when they realized they found the only skirt in the customer's desired design that was available in small, that's exactly what they did.

Sure enough, they saw that same woman frantically searching for a skirt she was never going to find once they returned to the changing rooms.

And once Christmas was over, that skirt found its way right back on the rack.

Looks like somebody wrecked her own good time.

h/t: Reddit | imma_rage_quiet

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