It Looks Like There’s An Easier Way To Get Rid Of Egg Cartons

I don't know about you, but our garbage adds up pretty quickly around here. And the bulk was also an issue when I lived in an apartment. So I would always look for ways to minimize the stuff I throw out.

That's why I was surprised that I haven't heard of this space-saving hack I recently saw on TikTok. Check it out.

Let me ask you: what do you typically do with your egg cartons?

Unsplash | Alvina Suhardjo

Do you just throw them out or put them in the recycling? You must agree with me when I say they're kind of awkward, no? Well, not anymore when you try this hack.

I recently saw a lady so something to an egg carton I haven't thought about doing myself.

She put it under running water and let it soak for a few minutes. After she did that, she started squishing the carton until it turned into a small ball.

Oh, yeah! Check this out.

That's pretty small. Isn't it, haha. Now, you can throw that ball in your garbage, recycle bin, or even compost. And it won't take up as much space as it did before. Aha, that's an idea.

This lady is calling this hack a space-saving one.

It can definitely come in handy if you live in a small apartment or a house. You wouldn't want your garbage or recycle bin to overflow. Am I right? So now it won't.

There were lots of folks on TikTok that liked this idea.

I suppose many of them live in small quarters, so they appreciate this idea to save some precious space. I can definitely see things from that point of view.

However, this post stirred up some controversy.

Other folks pointed out that this is quite wasteful because you're just running down water needlessly. I can see what they're coming from too. We should conserve water as much as we can.

And some didn't agree with the egg carton ending in the garbage.

I agree you should at least recycle it. Or you can also put it in your compost. Whichever way you can dispose of it in a more eco-friendly way, then go for it.

Here's another fabulous idea I haven't thought of, really.

Why not donate the egg carton to your local egg farmer? Apparently, you can get a few cents off when you do that. I have no idea how to do this in my area, but I need to find out.

So do you think this is a good idea?

Would you ever do this to save space in your garbage or recycle bin? Or do you think it's too much work and you're wasting water? I'd love to know your opinions so don't be shy.