Keanu Reeves Once Wore Dolly Parton's 'Playboy' Outfit For Halloween

I swear, every time I learn something new about Keanu Reeves, I love him even more. Not only is he obviously a heartthrob, but his the ability to tell stories in the most charming and charismatic way. I love hearing any anecdote about his life.

Do you know who else I love? Dolly Parton. So when I heard that these two icons had their worlds collide I had to tell you all about it.

I love learning fun facts about Hollywood.

Like when I found out that the iconic HOLLYWOOD sign we all know and love today used to read HOLLYWOODLAND.

Or that the first toilet flush didn't appear on camera until 1960.

Now, I'm here to bring you another cool fact that you *literally* never could have guessed.

We all are familiar with Dolly Parton's iconic Playboy magazine cover from 1978, but did you know that Keanu Reeves' mom Patricia Taylor was the costume designer for that shoot?

Sharing the fascinating story on a recent episode of Jada Pinkett-Smith's Facebook series "Red Table Talk" Keanu explained how this iconic outfit would go on to become a Halloween costume for him.

"So my mother was a costume designer. She made some costumes for Dolly Parton, and she once did the cover of Playboy, and somehow I guess she didn’t take that home," he explained, as per Consequence.

"So we had it, and it was Halloween. So I put on the ears and the bustier,” he recalled.

"I wore sneakers with fishnet stockings and the bowtie. I had some pretty long hair, and I was Dolly Parton as a Playboy Bunny."

Tragically, Keanu didn't bring any photos to share with the class about this once-in-a-lifetime spectacle.

However, I now know what celebrity collab I need to have in 2022 — let's get both Keanu and Dolly on the cover of Playboy!