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Woman Slams Date Who Expected Her To Pay For Half His Food

There are a lot of unspoken rules of dating and going out that many people abide by, but aren't "true rules." Just, societal expectations that people have when they go out to dinner or on a date with someone.

However, many of these "unspoken rules" can be tricky because they are not law and not everyone feels the need to follow them and abide by them.

One big controversy surrounding dating has to do with who pays.

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Many people feel like the guy should pay, because the men are usually the ones who initiate the date.

Others feel, however, that in today's day and age where everyone is striving for equality, it should be split.

One TikTok user recently slammed her date who asked her split the bill.

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When it comes to splitting the bill, it's usually for things that you both order and/or eat.

But, one TikTok user shared a story of a date she had gone on through Tinder that left a bad taste in her mouth over what her date had asked of her.

Marina shared a story of a date she had gone on with a guy.

Marina, who is from Dubai, said she went on a Tinder date with a European guy and he ordered quite a lot at the restaurant.

She claims he ordered an appetizer, a steak, some side dishes, and he even had a few glasses of wine, too.

Marina didn't order as much.

On the contrary, Marina decided that she was going to just order a small salad and she only had one cocktail.

Some girls don't drink a whole lot when they're on a first date.

When the bill came, she did the classy thing.

Marina asked if her date wanted her to contribute, offering to put down some money towards the bill so that it didn't seem as though she expected him to pay, even though, she somewhat did.

And, he decided to take her up on it.

The guy apparently suggested that they split the check 50/50. And, by 50/50, that means that they split the check right down the middle.

Despite the fact that Marina barely ordered anything.

Obviously, she said no.

Marina said "hell no," because there was no way she was going to split the check down the middle.

She would have probably contributed for her one cocktail and a small salad, but she wasn't about to pay for all of his food, too.

People online agreed.

One waiter said that when they see people come into the restaurant and try to split the bill 50/50 while on a date, it's embarrassing and they truly feel like slapping them because—it's cheap.

Another said this was one bad date and to move onto another guy.

Others chimed in that this guy was a dud.

Clearly, it was a bad date and Marina should move on to another guy who will treat her right. TikTok users agreed that a "real man" should pay for the date.

In a follow up video, Marina gave some insightful advice.

Following up on her "bad Tinder date" video where he asked her to split the bill 50/50, Marina decided to share some advice for any ladies whose man wants them to continuously split things 50/50—especially someone's husband.

She asked a valid question.

Marina said all women should ask their man, "are you going. to split the birth procedure with me as well? Are you going to take my pain from me, 50/50?"

Truly, let's see how any man can come up with an answer to that one!