Quotes About Parenthood I Can't Help But Relate To

There's nothing on this planet quite like being a parent. One minute, all you want to do is smother your kids with love and affection, and the next — well, you just want to smother them.

It's a constant balancing act that requires patience, foresight, and a little bit of luck. Take a look below and check out these quotes about parenthood that I can't help but relate to.

To be honest, I'm kind of stumped.

If I had to wager a guess, I'd say that this Twitter user's daughter was either aiming for Spider-Man or Darth Maul from Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace. I'm probably way off, but it's all I've got.

Not all heroes wear masks.

Caring for a child with special needs is a round-the-clock job. There are no breaks, no holidays, and very few moments of reprieve. To all parents in a similar situation, all I can say is that I salute, you.

It can feel like a love/hate relationship at times.

You always love your kids, but you're not going to like them 100% of the time. My recommendation is to get as much cuddling in as you can before they become rotten teenage punks.

Being a parent means letting go of shame.

You aren't going to last long if you're one of those people who embarrasses easily. Get used to "freeing the nipple" and spending days on end wearing the same soiled sweatshirt — it all comes with the territory.