Women Online Share What They Would Have Changed About Their Weddings In Hindsight

I might have mentioned once or twice that I'm in the middle of planning my wedding. It's super stressful, as you can imagine. There are tons of decisions we still have to make, and time is ticking.

So I'm always interested in advice from other brides because I think it's really valuable. These ladies chimed in and shared what they would have changed about their wedding day, and I, for one, totally appreciate it.

1. Hire A Professional Photographer

Unsplash | Mariah Krafft

"We had a photographer... Only she was my mom's best friend and doing it as her gift to us. It was mostly okay, but our candid reception pictures skew very heavily to that part of the guest list.

Also, she rode with my mom from the ceremony to the reception and they got lost, so no reception entry pictures."


2. Choose Bridesmaids Wisely

"Chosen different bridesmaids. I had six. Two are still in my life and four left in two separate s***** incidents. I hate most of my wedding photos now."

Oh, no!

3. This Important Lesson

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"[I would have] spent less time having photos taken and more time chatting to guests and having fun."

This is a good point here. I'm basically obsessed with picture taking, so I can see how that can go the wrong way. I will need to keep that in mind.

4. Don't Forget To Eat

Unsplash | Eiliv-Sonas Aceron

"Made sure to eat something that morning! I was so nervous. But then I got so lightheaded with champagne I nearly fainted walking up the aisle!"

I've heard this a lot, and it definitely makes a ton of sense. I tend to forget to eat, too.

5. Take Charge

Unsplash | Markus Winkler

"It would've been much smaller and I would've told my dad that he wasn't planning it. I was 19 and my husband was 21 so we had no money but were in love. My dad decided since the FOB pays, then it's HIS wedding so whatever he wants is what I got."

Aww, that's so sad.

6. Pick The Right Wedding Dress

Unsplash | Charisse Kenion

"Would’ve gotten a dress that made me feel like a goddess. Mine was pretty but white ain’t my color and it could’ve been better. Also, don’t do strapless."

Thankfully, I'm in love with my dress.

7. Get Some Help

"My biggest piece of advice for anyone actually having a traditional day, spend the money on a day-of coordinator. There's [sic] so many things to handle and it's overwhelming when you're trying to get ready and enjoy yourself."

Agreed. I'm so grateful for mine.

8. Don't Splurge On Flowers And Greenery

Unsplash | Thomas William

"My friend can’t tell you how many real flowers and greenery she’s seen being tossed in the trash. Soooo much money spent to ultimately get thrown away."

"They make really realistic fake flowers and greenery that are way cheaper and it’s honestly not worth all that money being thrown away. I was a stout advocate for real flowers but when she told me that it changed everything."

I'm at this point right now so this is so helpful to know.

9. Have Someone Videotape The Ceremony

"But I do wish I had asked someone to video the ceremony for me. You spend all this time thinking and planning, but as the bride you're the last one to come out so you don't get to see any of it. We had a DJ for the reception but friends who are musicians for the ceremony. I didn't really get to hear or see them play."

This is a must for me.

10. Get Pictures With Your Parents

"Also, don't forget to take some pictures specifically with your parents. My dad passed away 4 years after my wedding and I wish I had more pictures with him. I have a couple that were great, but I wish I hadn't been so focused on my own stuff and had spent more time with him and my mom a bit."

Aww, I love that advice.

12. Take More Candid Shots

"Taken more photos for myself. We eloped and I made a point of not using my phone the entire day and now I wish I had photos of the food we ate and just low key shots of husband. All we got were overly staged photos where we felt awkward having to pose so much in unnatural ways."

I was actually thinking that over the other day and happy to have stumbled upon this advice here.

11. This Awesome Advice

"My sister said she wished someone had packed her and her husband an extra to-go box of the food served at the wedding. She said they barely ate dinner because they were busy talking to people and they had an [addrenaline] rush and not much of an appetite. They were starving when they got to their hotel."

I can totally see this happening.

13. This MIL Situation

"Not included my MIL in any of the planning/decorating whatsoever! She forgot who’s wedding it really was and turned into a mom-zilla."

Oh my goodness, ha, ha! I'm so happy my MIL isn't like that.

14. This Complete Disaster

"I would NOT have told anybody my wedding plans. Like just not offered any info whenever I was asked how wedding planning was going, and just say I was keeping it a surprise."

My mother-in-law and sister-in-law lost their s*** over my flower selection. My mom told me I was an embarrassment over my catering selection (mind you my husband and I paid for everything ourselves). When showing my aunt my Pinterest board for wedding dresses she literally said, 'I know your style is better than this, these are terrible, it’s a good thing I caught it before you bought anything.' Everyone felt that they knew better than us. Up until the morning of our wedding day, these women were trying to pressure me into making changes and spending money I didn’t have."

OMG, what a nightmare, eh?

15 A Moment To Breathe

"I would have made sure to plan a bit of alone time for myself the day of. I didn’t get even five minutes to just be by myself before my wedding, to breathe or reflect, or generally be in the moment."

"That morning was a blur of people and activity. I found it exhausting to have some kind of audience for an entire day, sunrise to well after sunset. A moment to happily freak out about the fact that, "holy s***, I’m about to get married!" with no one watching would have been awesome."

I totally understand and love this.

16. Do It Your Way

Unsplash | Hybrid Storytellers

"Everything. Wanted a lavender dress but I was young and told I had to wear white. I would have it in an old building, gothic style with a garden outside for pics, pro photographer and very few people. Taco and margarita bar for the win next time if ever."

Aww, I feel for this bride.

17. This Poignant Realization

"I would have held it in a different location, one that suited my personality more because I like different things now that I'm older. "

I also have far different taste in style now, and have hobbies that I would have liked to see included in my day.

So, short answer is I wish I waited to know exactly who I was before getting married, but I don't regret it entirely. I still married the man I love, and that's all that matters."

Now I don't feel odd for waiting so long to have a wedding, ha, ha!

18. You Can Always Elope

Unsplash | Wedding Dreamz

"I would've just eloped, not involved anyone, and then have a small party with friends later to celebrate."

I hear you loud and clear. It's a personal decision many brides struggle with, for sure. I still want to include all of our family, though.

I don't know about you, but I find all these wedding day tips so valuable.

Unsplash | Mark Zamora

The only thing that matters to me the most is to enjoy my day and not have any regrets later. I'm hoping for the best so wish me luck. Will you?

Was there something you would have done differently?

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