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I Just Found Out What The Pocket In Women's Underwear Is For

Growing up, many of us have items on our clothing that we wear every single day that we just don't even notice.

Parts of our every day wardrobe have little pockets or little things that we don't even notice. One thing we have had our whole lives is that little slip/pocket-thing in all of our underwear and bathing suit bottoms.

Have you ever noticed?

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Those little pockets in our underwear usually go missed and unnoticed. I mean, it's not like we're usually putting things in those pockets. But, if we're not putting things in the panty's pocket, what are they even there for?

Instagram user Stacey Solomon once asked the world the same very question.


Shared on her Instagram page, the mom and blogger asked everyone what that secret "noonie pocket" is for. I mean, she realized it was on every single one of her bathing suits and every single pair of her panties.

She joked around that she knew what she'd use it for.


She joked around that she was going to use it for snacks and other things to secretly keep in place. What is better than being hungry and pulling out candy from your undercarriage? I mean, definitely not the best place but, we do what we can.

There's a lot of other things we can put in there.

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That pocket is perfect to put a lot of different things. If I was wearing a dress or a romper, I can throw my credit card in there or even put some money in there when I have to go out.

Although, I don't think anyone wants to use that money.

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While the pocket does seem rather perfect to put snacks or money, I'm not sure if we want to eat anything that sits in our private patio or give anyone money that has been there, either.

The Instagram mom asked others to tell her what it's for.


If anyone in the world can share what things are for, it's strangers on the Internet. Solomon hoped that someone would be able to share with her what the pocket is actually used for.

As it turns out, there's a real reason for those pockets down there.

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While we probably have never realized, there's a real reason that we have those little pantie pockets down there. They serve a purpose, and it's not for snacks and it's not for money either.

That little pocket has a real name, too.

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The pocket is actually called a "gusset." The gusset it there to make sure your private patio can breathe and it can also hold in moisture, so that way if you get a bit hot and sweaty, it doesn't get all over. It's like an extra layer.

It's also there to make everything comfortable.

The gusset is also there to make the most intimate part of your body comfortable and protected. Its soft fabric makes sure you feel at your most secure and comfortable while wearing your panties all day.

It's also good for hygiene.

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It's also good for keeping your hygiene down there pretty good and solid. It's another layer of fabric so that you can keep out bacteria and germs. Also, it absorbs the moisture so that you can make sure no bacterial infection occurs.

So, it's not for your money or your candy!

Sorry ladies, you shouldn't store money or candy down there. But, you can be sure that the pantie pocket is there for a good reason. The more you know, the more well off you will be. Right?

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