Quotes About Women I Can't Help But Laugh At

Being a woman means that we all have the same experiences from time to time. Most of us are out here grabbing coffee, running to Target, watching TikToks, and sharing memes with our friends.

We may all live in different places, but let's be real, we're all living the same life. Women just know the way other women think.

Good, let them!

People love to shame us all if we don't cook and clean for our man.

Like, threatening us that someone else will take him and cook for him. Well, good! Do it! I don't want to anymore!

Who can relate?

When our kids ask if we want a boy or a girl, most of the time we didn't even want to get down and dirty with dad.

In fact, we just wanted them to rub our back and then we go to bed. But, here we are.

Lynne knows what's up.

Lynne is the type of woman I could be friends with.

She makes Steve wrap his own mom's gift and takes her beer outside so she doesn't have to listen to him complain about it further.

"Wow" means we're done.

When we get to the point in an argument and we say "Wow," and we drag it out for more than 30 seconds, you should run.

Man, woman, children, others—run. We're getting ready to annihilate you and it's going to be ugly.