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Dad Teaches His Kids A Lesson By Wrapping Up Empty Boxes For Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, many parents are busy buying and spending to get their kids some gifts for the holidays.

Especially with so many things on kid's lists nowadays, there are so many different presents to get. Most kids end up with multiple gifts under the tree, waiting to be unwrapped on Christmas morning from Mom and Dad.

The days leading up to Christmas can be tricky.

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Parents often complain that the days leading up to Christmas morning can be rather tricky, as sometimes it is not uncommon for our kids to misbehave or get grounded and/or punished right before the holidays.

Many parents look for ways to teach their kids a solid lesson.

In today's day and age, many believe kids are not "fearful" enough of authority.

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It's not to say that kids should be scared of their parents, but, they should respect and obey them when they make rules in their house for what is right and wrong.

With so many kids on social media, those boundaries become a bit blurred as they are influenced heavily by the outside world.

Sometimes, you have to be strict with kids in order for them to learn.

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Laying down a firm and strict ruling is something that many parents agree should happen. However, not everyone else sees it that way.

Some people, parents, and non-parents, feel that parenting with ease is the way to go.

One TikTok user shared a hack for parents during the holiday season.

The TikTok user said, "with Christmas approaching, here is a top tip for parents." The video showcases something having to do with gifts, as there are gifts placed in the video image.

The TikTok user says you need empty boxes and wrapping paper.

He says to wrap up some "gifts" to use as collateral. But, they are not gifts actually.

They are empty boxes that are wrapped and pretend that they are actual gifts. The kids don't need to know the "real deal."

Basically, this is a way to get your kids to behave.

The TikTok user says that it's a way to ensure your kids behave and listen around the holiday season.

So, whenever there is a kid who does not behave, lies, or even acts up, you can use their gifts to prove a point.

Essentially, chuck that "gift" into the fire.

The kids will "think" that the gifts are real, but in reality, they aren't gifts at all.

They're empty boxes wrapped to look like gifts. When your kids misbehave, take a gift and burn it. Boom! They will 100% listen now.

Some people said it's "wrong" and traumatic.

There were many people who commented on the video saying this is wrong and will traumatize kids well into their adulthood.

Many shamed the TikTok user, saying they were wrong and really cruel for trying to "hurt" kids like this.

Some people said that it's too dramatic to say it's "traumatizing."

Other people said this is nowhere near traumatizing and that if a child is bad, you don't give them presents because it reinforces their poor behavior.

They believe this will prove to them that gifts are gone.

Many agreed saying that this generation needs to be taught a lesson.

Many loved this and said back in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, that parents had no fear and would do this to teach their kids a lesson.

Today, so many people are a "damp flannel" scared to hurt or offend everyone.

Some people said that it's a "quick way" to teach your kids to behave.

Many said that calling this traumatic is insulting to those who actually suffered abuse and trauma. This is a "quick way" to teach kids to behave and listen. This "society labels everything as traumatic" today.

Do you agree?