Woman Shares Why Her Family Lives In Separate Suites Under One Roof

Over the last few decades, it's been increasingly understood that a family can take on a lot of different forms that can mix and match depending on where life takes its members.

But while this makes it clear that we can have a wide variety of "normal" families, we can also discover as we go through life that things we become used to within our families aren't always as universal as we might expect.

And when someone tells us about a living arrangement that we've never heard of before, it's hard not to get a little curious about how it works.

That might have something to do with why at least five million people have found one "blended unblended" family so fascinating.

When Shelley Hunt and Peter Verge started seeing each other, they each brought kids from previous relationships.

And as the couple explained in a video that followed up from the viral TikTok you'll soon see, both partners were in the market for a home and ended up finding one that featured two separate suites.

As Hunt described it, "We live separately together, blended unblended."

That means that Verge and his three children live in the suite we see here, while Hunt and her two kids have taken the other one.

Although they and their kids consider each other family, they also treat the units as separate living spaces with a closed door between them.

Verge and Hunt handle the bills and upkeep of their respective units and how much they pay is determined by the square footage of their suites.

And part of why this arrangement works for them is that the clear division of responsibilities between them doesn't leave much room for resentment.

Verge also said that it also fosters appreciation for the moments where the partners and their "unblended" kids do things for and with each other.

But while that's been a clear benefit for Verge and Hunt, the reason why they started living in these separate suites has more to do with how new their relationship was at the time and the importance of ensuring their children have their own space.

As Hunt put it, "We thought that was really important for the kids. They have all been through so much change, so we wanted to keep things just easy, simple."

And the couple believes that this arrangement does help the children get along better because they have more control over how much time apart and time together they have with their step-siblings.

We can get a better sense of how these suites are laid out from the video available here, and they couple has said that now that they've been living this way for a couple of years, it's hard for them to imagine doing it any other way.

h/t: TikTok | @shellhuntful

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