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Funny Lies Parents Have Told Their Kids Just To Get Some Peace

Parents lie to their kids, let's just admit it. We all tell our kids some little white lies from time-to-time just to make sure that they can leave us alone for a little while and when we need some major "breaks" from them.

Sometimes, the little white lies can last a lifetime. Meaning, our kids believe it for way longer than we anticipated.

The good old TV lie.

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Brian_is_a_tit said that his roommate grew up on a rural farm and that his parents convinced him that the TV only worked when it rained.

And, that his roommate believed it for way longer than anyone would have expected. Like, well into adulthood.

"Your hands are going to disappear."

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"My friend ripped open a handwarmer once, and when the powder got all over his hands his parents told him his hands would disintegrate by age 30. We looked up what disintegrate meant later that night, and he bawled hysterically while staring at his hands," said TheNamesClove.

It's already midnight!

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komakozic said that they live on the West Coast of the U.S. and that their parents would show them the East Coast New Years' Eve feed.

So, when the ball dropped in Times Square at 12:00 AM, it was really 9:00 PM there, and they were all in bed super early.

Messing with the tooth fairy.

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"As a kid I lost a tooth, put it in a plastic bag, slid it under my pillow, then went to bed early so the tooth fairy could come. When my parents forgot to put money under my pillow my dad said 'You shouldn't have put the tooth in a bag. The tooth fairy couldn't smell it,'" wrote Comerechinaman.

The cops are going to come for you.

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"I told them that they had to hold an adults hand when they were crossing the road or else the police will come and arrest them and they'd be put in jail.

The oldest one then tried to run across the road by herself, but just as they got to the edge of the road, a cop car came around the corner and she ran back to me crying and saying she'd never do it again and begged me not to let them take her to jail," said SquiddyTheMouse.

Don't kill the penguin.

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khaelbee said that their mom told them and their brother that a penguin lives behind their fridge and that if they keep the door open too long, they'll let out all of the cold and the penguin won't survive.

Clear juice is the way to go.

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muchonada said that whenever she has juice, her kids want some.

So, she decided to invent "clear juice." Which, of course, is just water. But, the kids don't need to know that and let them believe they are always having clear juice.

Grandma knows a good prank when she sees one.

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pillowcurtain said that one Christmas, their grandmother told all of the grandkids that smelling each other's farts would make them that much stronger.

Clearly, they all believed grandma. She had a good laugh that Christmas, I'm sure.

If you lie, your tongues will turn purple.

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miabaldo said that her sister now knows how to figure out whether or not her kids are lying to her because she convinced them all that if they do lie, their tongues will turn purple.

So, if they're lying, they hide their tongues and refuse to open their mouths.

You better be good, unless you want poop!

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"My kids have no concept of what coal is, so telling them Santa would leave it in their stocking was more work than it was worth. Instead I told them if they were naughty, Santa would let the reindeer poop in there," wrote CatPawSoup.

That'll teach them.

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tiffmarie23 said that she found a way to make her kids behave when they go to McDonald's.

Instead of a "Happy Meal," if her kids don't behave, she'll order them a "Sad Meal," which is a hamburger and a spanking.

Backfired big time.

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"In an effort to keep their dessert after eating out, my parents told us kids that their baklava was made from grasshoppers. Unfortunately for them, this "fact" helped start a dare game that ended in us tasting it and, upon finding we like grasshopper treats, eating the whole thing," said jakenash.

Quiet time for everyone.

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"People get 10,000 words per month. If you reach the limit, you can't physically speak until the new month begins. Anytime I was especially talkative, Dad would say, "Careful now, I have to think you are up over 9,000 by now." That would shut me right up," said Toastwaver.

It's a music truck!

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roshielle's mom told them that the ice cream truck was just a music truck that drove around the neighborhood to play music for everyone.

Then, one day someone at school told them the truth and their mom was pretty disappointed when they found out.

Those aren't "real" donuts.

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iggilost works at a donut store and said that every day she is fascinated by how many parents come in convincing their kids that the donuts on display aren't real and are just "fake, plastic, display" donuts.

Kudos to them.

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