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Unemployed Dad Tries To Sacrifice Wife's Baby Formula To Afford $80 Streaming Bill

In the past, we've discussed how hard stay at home parents work and how often that work tends to go unappreciated.

But while that's mostly true, some partners will report that even after working all day, they'll still find themselves coming home and taking care of most of the housework. For them, it's hard not to wonder what exactly their spouse has been doing all day.

Granted, it's true that caring for a house and children is often a bigger job than it seems. But one woman's story about her husband's demands makes it clear that for some, the status of a stay-at-home parent is more of an excuse than a job they're dedicated to doing.

For one working mom with a toddler and a nine-month-old baby, it never seems like there's enough money.

As she explained in a Reddit post, those children always have some major needs and those needs tend to be expensive.

As a result, she always finds herself coming up short monetarily and delays getting hygiene products or new shoes because of it.

Not only can she not remember the last time she bought anything nice for herself, but she often feels guilty about buying things that are nonetheless necessary.

While all of this is going on, her unemployed husband siphons part of her salary to pay for a wide variety of streaming services that cost over $80 a month.

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These include a premium version of Hulu, Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon, and ESPN+ among others. It's worth noting that this man left his previous job due to unspecified issues with his employer and hasn't been able to find another job in his field.

As for anything outside of his field, the woman said that he "Refused to work in other related fields saying his dignity won't let him since he worked hard for his degree."

This being the situation, the woman sat him down and told him that she couldn't afford all the streaming services he's subscribed to.

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In the woman's words, "I asked him to choose one channel and he threw a fit calling me ridiculous to think streaming services are the reason I'm always short on money."

Instead, he blamed his wife's tendency to buy makeup, despite the fact that the $50-70 she spends on this every three to four months hardly constitutes a bigger long-term drain than a monthly bill eclipsing $80.

He also said that the streaming services are his right and not his privilege because he stays home with the kids, despite the fact that it's the wife who does all cooking, cleaning, and laundry.

But for the woman, the final straw was when the husband told her to stop buying baby formula and go back to breastfeeding.

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As the woman explained, "I stopped breastfeeding for health issues and now work but he never stopped criticizing my decision to use formula calling it waste of money when I could push past the pain and provide our son with real benefits."

And when she angrily asked if he was seriously suggesting that his baby's formula is less important than his streaming services, he accused her of trying to financially control him.

He's been giving her the cold shoulder ever since, which has prompted the woman to ask if she was in the wrong in this exchange.

But instead, people couldn't believe just how entitled this man seemed to insist on being if he thought anyone has a right to other people paying for their streaming services.

And as one user pointed out, "He is prioritizing his entertainment over the routine feeding of his child. If you haven’t breast fed in a while, you can’t exactly just jump back into It and produce enough to feed your baby."

In the words of another, "Letting him have even 1 is giving him a privilege. If he wants nicer things for himself he should find ways to do that himself. Sorry that you're stuck with 2 children here."

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