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Wife Shares Trap She Leaves For Her Husband To See If He Cleans

Many relationships and marriages consist of one person doing the brunt of the housework and cleaning with the other person sits pretty and doesn't do much.

Most of the time, we want equality and help with cleaning and keeping things tidy.

But, husbands and other halves don't always understand the memo. Sometimes, we have to pull a fast one on them to get them to see the light.

Listen, cleaning sucks, I get it.

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Very few people like to do it, and the only person I know who really loves it is Monica from Friends so it doesn't really count.

Which is why one wife wanted to see if her husband actually does it when she couldn't!

One TikTok user and mom tried to plant a trick to see if her hubby would really clean up.

Wife and TikToker Chrissy decided to plant a few little seeds around the house to check whether or not her husband was sticking to his word when he offered to clean the house while she went out with their kids.

She used some glitter to get the job done.

Chrissy took some purple glitter and decided to sprinkle it around the counters.

At first, some were confused as to why she would make an even bigger mess if she wanted her husband to clean, as it is.

Turns out, she was placing things over the glitter.

To prove whether or not her husband actually gets around to cleaning, she hid the glitter under decor and other household items.

Obviously, when you clean, you move things around to get underneath them. At least, that's what you're supposed to do.

She also hit the kitchen.

The kitchen is one place where we get a ton of dirt, grime, and grease caked up on the countertops and all around.

Moving things is a must.

But, not everyone does it, so Chrissy wanted to double down and see if her husband would.

In a follow-up video, Chrissy decided to show her followers the result of the cleaning exercise.

And unfortunately, it wasn't too great.

When it came to cleaning in the rooms where she had put glitter, originally, it looked like her husband had *not* cleaned at all.

The glitter was sitting right there under the aromatherapy machine and the candle.

But, he did reach the kitchen.

Low and behold, her husband did reach the kitchen to clean up the glitter that she had left under a jar.

So, I guess she can't be too mad seeing as he cleaned slightly, right?

Some people online thought that Chrissy was doing too much.

One person said that if Chrissy wanted her husband to do something a certain way, she should be communicating that with him, instead of trying to be shady and manipulative with the glitter.

Another said she was "setting him up for failure."

Another commenter felt as though this "prank" and trap was setting her husband up for failure.

In the end, they were going to end up fighting about it. So, they pointed out that healthy relationships "set each other up for success.

Others said that this sounds "toxic."

Others said that this seems rather toxic. And, that cleaning under candles and jars is more "OCD" than it is normal. In fact, this person believes that cleaning.

It doesn't always involve moving everything or lifting things up, so it seems.

However, there were people who believed that Chrissy had a point.

In fact, so much so that it started a little bit of a war in the comment section.

There were many people who clapped back at the haters in the comments saying that these people "definitely don't clean their houses."

Those commenting mentioned that because if they did, they would know how much dust and dirt accumulates underneath items.


From me to you, you do need to move things when you deep clean!

While Chrissy got a ton of hate, she was "only just joking around."

In the comment section, Chrissy assured people that her marriage is totally okay and the whole "trust issue" logic was just not it.

She told people that "it wasn't that deep," and she likes to post videos just for a good laugh and some fun.

And for those taking the video too seriously, remember to go outside and take in some fresh air.

It's all in good fun!