Subway Swaddle Blanket Turns Babies Into A $5 Footlong

There's few things more fun in this world than dressing a baby up.

They're tiny and they look goofy in absolutely everything. If you have a newborn in your life, then you know exactly how true that is.

Enter the next thing you need to add to your ever-growing baby clothes pile: a swaddle that makes your baby look like a Subway sandwich.

Be prepared to see a ton of cute baby pictures.

Because people LOVE to show off their babies in their Subway sandwich swaddles! This is the cutest thing I've seen today, and I saw a puppy today. So that's a seriously big claim, people.

Looks delicious!

The Subway swaddle comes with one printed swaddle, as well as a cute little hate with a tomato, onion, and bit of lettuce on it. The hat fits babies up to 18 months, but reviewers noted that it does run on the small side.

It's the perfect Halloween costume.

If you're looking for the perfect Halloween costume for a new baby, look no further. This swaddle and hat combo will have people absolutely squealing when they see it. I mean, who can resist a baby in a little hat? No one.

Reviewers love it!

Not only is it cute, but reviewers absolutely love the swaddle and hat combo.

"This was perfect for our five month old! We received so many compliments! We loved that we could dress our kiddo in warm clothes underneath," one reviewer said.

The wrap is seriously huge.

"Colors are great, nice and soft, just hope the hat fits, if not, it looks like the patch is easy to take off and put on another beanie. The wrap is long as well!"

Many reviewers noted how soft the swaddle is.

"I was surprised and how high quality the Subway print was on the blanket…sometimes you just never know what you are going to get when it comes to prints but this is so nice."

This is too funny.

Let's be real: baby outfits are more for us than they are for the baby. The baby just wants to be warm, you know? It's us that want them to look hilarious. And you know what? We deserve that. We deserve to see a baby in a Subway swaddle.

You can get it on Amazon.

Like all things, the Subway swaddle is indeed available on Amazon. You get order it here for $12.99. That's a pretty good price for the joke that keeps on giving, don't you think?

So, what do you think?

Would you wrap up a baby in a Subway swaddle for a laugh? I absolutely would. I wish I'd seen something like this when my niece was a newborn!