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So I Just Found Out About The Right Way To Use Starbucks Lids

If you're a coffee addict like we are, you'd know that there's nothing better than getting an iced cold Starbucks beverage in the morning to start your day. An iced coffee in the morning is something that can put a smile right on your face and start your day off on the right foot.

While we all say we're going to start making our coffee at home, we definitely don't stick to that rule.

If you're an avid iced coffee drinker, you know a few things to be true.

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There are only a few places that can make your iced coffee the right way.

Aside from this, you also know that there are a few things that can be rather annoying about carrying an iced coffee around with you all day.

Having an iced coffee can cause quite the mess.

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While we all want our iced coffee early in the morning, we don't all drink it immediately in the morning.

The longer our iced coffee sits, the more condensation comes about and totally ruins our desks, tables, and even our stuff.

There's nothing more annoying than getting everything soaked.

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Yes, iced coffee is delicious and an amazing pick-me-up in the morning, but the water and liquid that drips down the sides of the cup and gets all over the place is definitely not the vibe for any of us.

Most of us have to use a napkin around the bottom.

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Many of us end up wrapping our iced coffee in a napkin or even a paper towel just to catch the liquid drips on the side, but in the end, it ends up getting super soaked and breaking apart, causing an even bigger mess.

Turns out, Starbucks has had a way to combat this forever.

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Apparently, people online have known something that we don't about Starbucks cups and their lids that are secretly out here to make our condensation problems a thing of the past.

At least, our mess from it, that is.

If you take your Starbucks cup lid off, you'll notice there are some bumps.


If you take the lid off of your cup, you'll see on the side there are three different bumps that are placed around the cup.

It's something that's easy to miss, but if you look closely, you can see it.

The ridge in the lid also fits the bottom of a cup.


Venti, Grande, or even Tall cups all have the same size bottom, they are just "height difference" for size. So, if you take off the top, you can fit the bottom directly into the ridge of the lid and the bumps can secure them in place.

Now, your lid can be a coaster.


Pushing your cup into the lid will lock it in place and make sure that it doesn't move. Now, you have a plastic coaster without having to deal with wet paper towels or even wet table tops and desks.

While it's not good for traveling, it has its perks.

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If you're on the go and you're commuting or traveling around, you may not want to take your lid off of your coffee.

But, you can ask for an extra lid from the Starbucks barista if you want to try this out!

It is, however, good for us who work and put our coffee on our desks.

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If you work a desk job and you want to put your coffee there to drink occasionally all morning, this is perfect to make sure that you don't have the water drops all over the place.

No one wants to mop up the mess.

Truthfully, we're mindblown.

Why have we all been spending half of our salary on Starbucks and none of us have realized that you can literally use the top as a coaster for any place and any occasion?

Thanks to social media, you learn a lot.