Woman Quits After Boss Expects Everyone To Stand At Attention For Him

It's true that there are a lot of jobs out there that aren't for everyone, but the job itself is often not the problem when somebody quits one.

Instead, it's the people who you happen to be doing that job with. And while some coworkers can be annoying enough to have you looking for the door, the make-or-break of a job can usually come from the people you report to.

Whether they're overly demanding or trying to mess around with your pay, there are many ways in which a bad boss can make themselves intolerable.

But some will enact policies that even the biggest yes man will cast an awkward glance at.

And while one king of his own little microcosm was able to get most of his employees to bend to a bizarre demand, it left one former employee feeling like she stepped into the Twilight Zone.

For the past few weeks, the woman we're about to hear from has been doing data entry work at a small business in the southern United States.

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As she explained in a Reddit post, this was a job and environment she enjoyed.

And even before she started her first day, she was excited about the pay and benefits the role offered.

With that in mind, she said in a comment that she found it odd how it seemed to take months before anyone was willing to accept her job.

However, it only took about a week before she found her answer in the form of the owner, who she called Mr. F.

While she heard how important it was to cater to this person, she was told by her supervisor that he expected employees to stand whenever he entered the room "as a sign of respect and knowing his place in the business."

While she agreed to this rule, it would soon become unfortunately clear to her as to how all-encompassing it was.

Because when Mr. F walked in while she was working the front desk, she happened to be on the phone with a client.

Because of this she didn't say anything to Mr. F, which she soon learned was her first mistake. And she also didn't stand up, which was considered an even bigger one.

As she put it, "I smile at him but that wasn’t nearly enough."

And as she shared in a comment, she found out that the standing rule applied even when employees were on the phone, as they were expected to put the client on hold and stand anyway.

And once she told a coworker what had happened, they said that she might not lose her job over it, but it was a big deal.

Not only was she reprimanded by three different people and had her job threatened, but she was told not to come in for a day (for which she would not be paid) to "think about" what she had done.

And when the reprimands continued when she returned (including another job threat) and a scheduled reprimand from Mr. F's wife was on the way, she had had enough.

In her words, "I tell my supervisor that I'm thankful for the opportunity but that this is insane, and I leave."

No wonder they had a hard time finding people.

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