An Ornament That Celebrates All The Amazon Shopaholics Out There Finally Exists

Amazon addicts, this one is for you.

When I was a kid, Amazon was just a site people used to get books. Since then, it's become a massive company that — among other things — sends people into space. But at its core, Amazon still does the same thing when I was a kid: sell things that arrive directly to your door. Only now, we have Prime!

This is the perfect ornament for the Amazon enthusiast.

Check out these bad boys! These are Amazon mini package ornaments from Etsy shop MagnoliaAndTree, and they're so delightful! Each ornament is handmade, including the tiny little boxes!

The packages even have tiny shipping labels!

I can't believe how detailed these are! The tiny shipping labels even have little barcodes. Everything about the boxes is totally handmade, from the cardboard box to the special Prime branded packaging tape.

They're totally customizable, too.

You can get each ornament with a green or red ribbon, twine, or an ivory bow. You can also pick the type of snow you want — they have iridescent flakes, or styrofoam balls! Or you can go without.

They're just so cute.

If you want to grab one for yourself, head on over to MagnoliaAndTree and pick one up! They're available for $24.99.

But hey, why stop there? Let's check out even more Amazon ornaments!

There's all kinds of Amazon ornaments on Etsy!

Some come in different shaped ornament cases and they're stacked full of presents! Some artists have even come up with little jingles to write on the side of the ornaments, like AGirlAndHerCows on Etsy!

You can even get personalized ornaments!

If you want an ornament addressed directly to you, look no further than NMScreationsShop. They make boxed ornaments that can be personalized with your name right on it!

You can even put your address on it.

If you really want to personalize it, NMScreationsShop will put your address on the label!

If you want one, you can get it for $12 on Etsy! I love this one so much.

Want to make your own? You got it.

Etsy shop YourMiniDesigner has downloaded templates available so that you can make your own! For $3.35, you can get a downloadable PDF full of all the designs and instructions you'll need to make your very own Amazon ornament!

So, what do you think?

Are you a big Amazon fan around the holidays? Are you a big enough fan to get yourself or someone you love an Amazon ornament? Let me know!

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