Quotes For People Who Love Food As Much As Me

I love food. I know that probably sounds like a redundant statement but I really do. Food nourishes the body, as well as the soul. Simply put — it's my obsession.

If this sounds like you then congratulations — you're not alone! Have a look and check out these quotes, made for those who like to eat and eat well. Bon appetite!

To those about to microwave — we salute you!

I sometimes wonder if one day all of my bowls are just going to spontaneously combust or turn to dust from being subjected to so much intense microwave heat? Some of them are definitely looking worse for wear.

This is just sound logic.

Go ahead, I'll wait. The answer is obvious when you stop and think about it: whoever it was who invented the refrigerator was a late-night snacker — and therefore wanted to help accommodate those of us who share the same taste!

Politeness should never be a hindrance to hunger.

This sounds just like me, I always feel awkward eating at BBQs or family dinners. Mostly because I feel like if they really saw my true ravenous nature — I'd never get invited back.

You wouldn't like me when I'm hangry...

I've learned the hard way that it's best to keep a healthy supply of snacks readily on hand, in case of emergency. And when I say "healthy supply" I don't mean "healthy snack." I just thought I should clear that up.